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The Garlic Jr. Saga is the fifth saga in Dragon Ball Z series. This saga is filler material made solely for the anime (not present in manga). It occurs between the Frieza Saga and the Trunks Saga.

Garlic Jr.'s story is based on events of Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone (Return my Gohan!! in Japan). In Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. is defeated by Goku's four year old son, Gohan, showing Gohan's incredible talent for fighting. The saga details Garlic Jr.'s return and his desire for revenge.

In Japan, this saga aired in 1991. This is the first part of US season four.


The Black Water Mist

Haiya Dragon preventing Gohan from breathing the Black Water Mist.
Yamucha and Bulma under the control of the Black Water Mist.

Between the time of Dead Zone and the Garlic Jr. Saga, Garlic Jr. had been trapped in the Dead Zone, but he was able to escape thanks to the power of his planet, Planet Makyo. Garlic Jr. returned to Planet Earth to take revenge on Son Goku and his friends for sending him into the Dead Zone. He gathered the Spice Boys and found the Black Water Mist, a powerful formula that brainwashed all life on Earth to act like that of vampires. Life on Earth for the Z Warriors had been getting back to normal following the battle between Freeza and Goku on Planet Namek, though Goku had not yet returned to Earth. Garlic Jr. put his mortal enemy, Kami, and his servant Mister Popo, in a bottle.

The battles during the Garlic Jr. Saga took place on Kami's Lookout, where Piccolo and Gohan fight Garlic Jr. and his team of Spice Boys. However, the rest of the Z Fighters on Master Roshi's island are not so lucky, having also been affected by the Black Water Mist. Master Roshi, Chi-Chi, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, and Bulma all fall prey to Garlic Jr.'s evil plan and are transformed. A battle ensues between those transformed and those who managed to escape the mist. Maron, Krillin, and Gohan are seriously outnumbered, and things look grim.

Piccolo is bitten by Yamucha and is seemingly affected by the mist. His arrival bought time for Kuririn and Gohan to get Maron out and escape, however, and they all headed to the Heavenly Realm to aid Kami, but they discovered that he and Popo had been imprisoned by Garlic Jr.

Battle at the Heavenly Realm

Mustard charging his attack.

With no other choice, the two of them face off against the Spice Boys. Though at a disadvantage, the tide turns when Piccolo shows up and frees both Kami and Mr. Popo by pretending to be infected by the Mist, when in reality his Namekian biology makes him immune. While Krillin, Gohan, and Piccolo fight the Spice Boys and Garlic Jr., Kami and Mr. Popo travel deep inside the Lookout to find out where the Former Guardians of Earth dwell after death. The Sacred Water is the only antidote to the Blackwater Mist and must be released through an exit at the bottom of the Lookout, so that it will spread over the entire planet before sunset, at which point the Blackwater Mist's effects become permanent. After a battle of wills with the former Kami, Kami was allowed to use the air currents and cured everyone on Earth. I a rage, Garlic Jr. used the power of Planet Makyo to transform into a large, even more powerful state.

It seemed that all hope had been lost, as Garlic Jr. was still immortal thanks to the Dragon Balls, but the villain made the same mistake as the last time and opened the Dead Zone once again. With Kuririn and Piccolo badly hurt, Gohan threw them into a force field which he held up by himself. Garlic Jr. planned to take the whole Earth out with the Dead Zone, but Gohan managed to destroyed the Makyo Star, sapping Garlic Jr.'s strength immediately. Now lacking his previous power he is again trapped in his own prison, this time for eternity as Planet Makyo had been destroyed. Garlic Jr. and the Spice Boys were defeated, but this time without the heroic abilities and wits of Goku. Life on Earth returned to normal.


Gohan powering up to fight Garlic Jr.

After the ordeal with Garlic Jr., Kuririn announced that he and his girlfriend, Maron, were almost engaged. In order to make her happy, he decided to get a Mermaid's Tear. Upon seeing the pearl, however, Kuririn changed his mind and left it to the nice fish who protected it. Maron (who was always quick to flirt with others) saw a handsome hunk in a sports car and took off with him. Heartbroken, Kuririn convinced himself it was for the best anyway.

During this saga, short scenes of Vegeta wer shown as he journeyed through space using a Capsule Corporation Spaceship to find Goku (still somewhere in space at the moment due to the events of the Frieza Saga) so he could learn how to become a Super Saiyan. At the end of the saga, Vegeta returned to Earth after his unsuccessful journey to find Goku in space. The disappointed Vegeta tended to keep to himself when he returned.


Battles featured

  • Kami and Mister Popo vs. Spice Boys and Garlic Jr.
  • Gohan vs. infected Son Chichi
  • Kuririn vs. infected Turtle Hermit
  • Gohan vs. the Spice Boys
  • Piccolo vs. infected Yamucha
  • Piccolo vs. Spice Boys, infected Turtle Hermit, infected Son Chichi, and infected Yamucha
  • Gohan vs. Salt
  • Kuririn vs. Tard
  • Gohan vs. Salt and Tard
  • Gohan vs. infected Piccolo
  • Gohan vs. Spice
  • Kuririn vs. Vinegar
  • Gohan vs. Super Spice and Super Vinegar
  • Gohan, Piccolo, and Kuririn vs. Garlic Jr.
  • Gohan, Piccolo, and Kuririn vs. Super Garlic Junior


FUNimation's Garlic Junior Saga

FUNimation's Remastered Season Box Sets

(Only available on DVD.)

  • Dragon Ball Z Season Four Remastered Box Set (108-139) (Only episodes 108-117 are part of the Garlic Junior Saga.)

FUNimation Dragon Box Sets

Dragon Box Z 3 (85-126) (Only episodes 108-117 are part of the Garlic Junior Saga.)

Partial redub

Episode list

Uncut dub (10 episodes)

  • 108. The Heavens Tremble
  • 109. Black Fog of Terror
  • 110. Battle in Kami’s Lookout
  • 111. Fight with Piccolo
  • 112. Call for Restoration
  • 113. Suicidal Course
  • 114. Extreme Measures
  • 115. The World Awakens
  • 116. Brief Chance for Victory
  • 117. Krillin’s Proposal

Edited dub (10 episodes)

  • 93. The Heavens Tremble
  • 94. Black Fog of Terror
  • 95. Battle in Kami's Lookout
  • 96. Fight with Piccolo
  • 97. Call for Restoration
  • 98. Suicidal Course
  • 99. Extreme Measures
  • 100. The World Awakens
  • 101. Brief Chance for Victory
  • 102. Krillin's Proposal