List of family trees

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The main characters' families

The following is a list of family trees.

Son Goku's family tree

Vegeta's family tree

Freeza's family tree

Doctor Gero's family tree

Doctor Gero, creator of the Artificial Humans

Bibidi's family tree

  • Bibidi had Babidi.
  • Bibidi created Kid Boo.
  • Kid Boo absorbed South Kaio.
  • He turned into Ultra Boo.
  • Ultra Boo absorbed Grand Kaioshin.
  • He turned into Fat Boo.
  • Fat Boo went on a rampage.
  • Bibidi sealed Fat Boo.
  • Babidi released Fat Boo.
  • Fat Boo went on a rampage.
  • Fat Boo turned over a new leaf and expelled the evil within him.
  • Fat Boo turned into Mister Boo, while the expelled evil turned into Evil Boo.
  • Evil Boo absorbed Mister Boo.
  • He turned into Super Boo.
  • Super Boo absorbed Gotenks.
  • Super Boo absorbed Piccolo.
  • Super Boo absorbed Son Gohan.
  • Super Boo absorbed Vegetto.
  • Son Goten, Trunks, Piccolo, Son Gohan, Vegeta, and Son Goku escaped from inside Super Boo, while Mister Boo was merely disconnected from within Super Boo.
  • Super Boo expelled Mister Boo because he was "holding him back".
  • Super Boo turned into Ultra Boo for a moment and then into Kid Boo.
  • Kid Boo was killed.
  • Kid Boo reincarnated as Oob.
  • Mister Boo created Booby.
  • Mister Boo and Booby had Baby Boo.
  • The Majin race was created.
  • Mister Boo and Oob fused into Majoob.

Katattsu's family tree

Kami and Piccolo Daimao in their youth.

Dr. Mu's family tree

  • Dr. Mu created Baby.
  • Baby fused with Vegeta.
  • He became Vegeta Baby.
  • Dr. Mu created Hell Fighter No. 17.
  • Hell Fighter No. 17 fused with Artificial Human No. 17.
  • They became Super No. 17.

Evil Dragons' family tree

Syn Shen Long becoming Omega Shen Long after absorbing the other Dragon Balls.

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