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The Training of Kame-Sen'nin

The Training of Kame-Sen'nin, known in Japan as Tenkaichi Budōkai Hajimaru!! (天下一 武道会 はじまる!!, Tenkaichi Budōkai Hajimaru!!), is the third volume of Dragon Ball. It covers the beginning part of the Tournament Saga.


Main characters

Supporting characters


Chapter # Title
25 "A Rival Arrives!!"
A Rival Arrives!!.jpg
Character debuts: Kuririn
26 "Who's That Girl?!"
Who's That Girl?!.jpg
Character debuts: Launch
27 "Nothing To Sneeze At"
Nothing To Sneeze At.jpg
28 "Let the Training Begin!!"
Let the Training Begin!!.jpg
29 "Bad Day At Turtle Rock"
Bad Day At Turtle Rock.jpg
30 "Milk Run"
Milk Run.jpg
31 "It Only Gets Harder"
It Only Gets Harder.jpg
32 "Let the Contest Begin!!"
Let the Contest Begin!!.jpg
33 "Hard Work Pays!!"
Hard Work Pays!!.jpg
34 "Strongest Under the Heavens!"
Strongest Under the Heavens!.jpg
35 "The Battle is Set!!"
The Battle is Set!!.jpg
Character debuts: Tenkaichi Tournament Announcer, Namu, Giran, Ranfan, Bacterian
36 "Match No. 1"
Match No. 1.jpg

Differences from the anime

  • The anime scenes in which Yamucha trains before the Tenkaichi Tournament are anime-only filler material.

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