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Administrators are the group of users that oversee all edits made to articles on Dragon Ball Encyclopedia. Sysops are administrators whom have the task of watching over the site. Moderator Sysops are administrators whom have the task of keeping the site clean and polished, such as watching for vandalism.


Here on Dragon Ball Encyclopedia, administrators take great pride in ensuring that Dragon Ball Encyclopedia sustains an encyclopedic format, correct information, and, most of all, order. Not just anyone can become an administrator; it takes hard work, dedication, and advanced knowledge of Dragon Ball Encyclopedia's topics in order to fulfill all of the duties that an administrator must complete. Administrators must always try to maintain a resource with official material, great detail, and, but not limited to, thorough checks and systematic fixes of edits. Administrators should always be able to assist users in times of need whenever possible, watch for bad behavior, and block users and anonymous IPs that break Dragon Ball Encyclopedia's rules. Just because administrators have greater powers does not mean that they may abuse them. Locking an article from editing because they like the way they had written it is a prime example of misuse of power and will not be tolerated. Administrators are selected by Bureaucrats, whom are administrators given even higher obligations.

Current administrators

Note: Inactive means not regularly logging on.

Becoming an administrator

As of May 2011, Dragon Ball Encyclopedia is not looking for another administrator at this time. If a need for another one shall ever arise in the future, users whom have shown good behavior, proper and informational editing skills, and various other knowledge are most likely to get chosen for the job. Users are of course obligated to turn down the job if they feel as though they would not be able to handle such a duty.