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A Capsule House (カプセル ハウス, Kapuseru Hausu) is a type of house that can be put away and carried around in a House Capsule. They are usually priced at half a million Zeni.[1]

The concept of the Capsule House is first introduced in The Adventure of Tongpoo.

Notable Capsule Houses


Bulma's first Capsule House

The Interior of Bulma's first Capsule House

Bulma Brief used a Capsule House that she owned when going on her trip to find the Dragon Balls. She camped with Son Goku near Ryugadani with this house. She lost this house when she lost her case of Capsules in a lake just before arriving near the Diablo Desert.

Mobile Home

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Oolong's Mobile Home was a form of Capsule House that also served as a vehicle.

Kame House

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Turtle Hermit's House Capsule

Turtle Hermit's house was shown to be able to turn into a Capsule, which he then used to transport his house from his island to Training Island to train his students.

Bulma's second Capsule House

Bulma set up another Capsule House in a cave on Planet Namek. The house was destroyed by Vegeta when he was looking for the Dragon Ball that Bulma had hidden.


Bulma's Capsule House in the live action South Korean film.

The Capsule House appeared in the live action South Korean film. The design was entirely different from any shown in the manga or anime.