Oolong's House Wagon

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The Mobile Home is a type of Capsule House that also functions as a vehicle.


The interior is a lot smaller than an average house. The main entrance goes into the kitchen. The bathroom is small and the whole second floor consists of one bedroom.


Dragon Ball

The Mobile Home was owned by Oolong and used by him, Son Goku, and Bulma Brief to sleep one night. The next morning, Yamucha disabled it with a Bazooka and the three abandoned it. It later blew up when the bomb that Shuu had planted under it that morning exploded.


The Mobile Home appeared in Dragon Ball: The Path to Power. It played a more prominent role and became the Dragon Ball Gang's main method of transportation through a majority of the film.

Video games

The Mobile Home appeared in the Desert stage (like most vehicles in the game, it is destructible) in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.