North Kaioshin

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North Kaioshin (北 の 界王神, Kita no Kaiōshin; FUNimation "North Supreme Kai"; Literally meaning "North of World King God") is a Kaioshin.


North Kaioshin is old in appearance and resembles East Kaioshin, but with a larger head and a mustache.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

North Kaioshin was an excellent swordsman. He was peacefully fishing one fine day on Planet Kaioshin when Ultra Boo attacked him. North Kaioshin cut him in half with his sword, but Ultra Boo was more than North Kaioshin could handle and was blasted by Ultra Boo and killed instantly. North Kaioshin was Majin Boo's second victim (the first one being West Kaioshin). They fought in a foggy and rocky place.

Video games[edit]

North Kaioshin appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.