Ostrich Chicken (race)

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Ostrich Chickens grazing on the Spinach Wastes.

Ostrich Chickens are Animal-type Earthlings.


Dragon Ball Z

Video games

Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, they appear as common to rare enemies depending on the type. There are three different types, all of which need to be caught to fill up the bestiary. The types are Ostrich Chicken, Sand Dodo, and Dododo.

Ostrich Chicken

The Ostrich Chicken is the most common type of Ostrich Chicken. They appear in the Spinach Wastes and Break Wasteland Defeating an Ostrich Chicken will give the player 360EXP, 24AP, 120Z, and occasionally a Small Bean.

It's pecks can do a multitude of things. Either the peck does damage, causes paralysis, or heals the character. It'll often regenerate it's health with small beans it drops also.

Sand Dodo

The Sand Dodo is an uncommon type of Ostrich Chicken. They are very fast and only appear in the desert areas of the Break Wastelands. It's abilities are the same as those of the standard Ostrich Chicken.


The Dododo is the rarest of the three Ostrich Chickens, however, they are the weakest, with a health level of 63. This makes them the weakest creature in the game, however, they are incredibly fast as they almost always get to strike first, and in doing so they immediately either heal one of your characters or flee. They appear in the desert portion of the Break Wastelands, Break Wasteland, Mt. Paozu, Dragon Rock, and Spinach Wastes Cave. They leave the smallest amount of Zeni of any creature, at 1, and the highest EXP. However, they also drop 12300HP, 1230AP, and the items Hermit Spring Water, Hermit Milk, and HEAD-CHA-LA.