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"I will crush him up."
Pirosiki in "Losers Fight First"

Pirosiki (ピロシキ, Piroshiki; FUNimation "Piroshiki") is one of Mister Satan's top two students. He and Caroni are known as one of the greatest tag teams in their pro league.

Pirosiki's Japanese name is a pun on the word Piroshiki.


Pirosiki is very muscular and powerful compared to the average Human, but in the anime he takes on a fat appearance.


Little do Planet Earth's inhabitants know how much the martial art skills, strength, and power of Caroni and Pirosiki pale in comparison to the Z Warriors.

After Caroni first attacked Perfect Cell, it was Pirosiki's turn to fight. Piroshki ran at Perfect Cell with one of his attacks that seemed to resemble him just flailing his arms in circles. While he was attempting to attack him, Piroshki hit an invisible wall that was actually Cell's energy. After he was easily knocked out of the arena, Satan stated that Cell had littered it with one of his allergies that caused him to flare up. Cell used no effort to throw him away. Pirosiki is last seen making a cameo appearance in the Babidi Saga.

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  • Pirosiki's appearance is based off professional wrestler Big Van Vader.
  • Pirosiki seems to be able to eat metal, as shown when he eats his armor.
  • Pirosiki reappears during the Boo Saga with Caroni when they give energy to the Genki Dama.