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Planet Kanassa (カナッサ 惑星, Kanassa Wakusei) is a planet in the Northern Galaxy.


Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku

Planet Kanassa was a rocky and barren planet inhabited by a reptilian-like race with telepathic abilities named the Kanassans. Prior to the genocide that took place there, the inhabitants were able to foresee the coming destruction that would occur on the night of a full moon. This turned out to be an accurate prediction as the Planet Elite Force was able to use the light of the full moon to transform into their Great Ape forms and exterminate the planet's residents. After they conquered the planet, an injured Kanassan survivor tried to attack Bardock, but Bardock effortlessly killed him. Before he died, however, the Kanassan gave Bardock the psychic ability to see into the future as a "gift" for Bardock so that he could feel the horror of seeing the end of his own homeworld, Planet Vegeta. Freeza's Force had had their eyes on Planet Kanassa several months before Bardock's arrival, but the job was "left in the pool" by even Freeza's strongest elites. The conquering of this planet signified to Freeza that the Saiyans were quickly becoming the strongest fighters in his organization. This was one of the contributing factors that lead to the Genocide of the Saiyans.

Video games

In Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Furiiza!!, Son Goku – on his way to Planet Namek – landed on Planet Kanassa after he sensed that something was wrong on the planet. Goku then defeated all of Freeza's soldiers and saved the planet. A Kanassan thanked Goku and said that he looked a lot like Bardock, who had earlier dominated the planet. Strangely, this Kanassan knew about the sons of Bardock, Raditz, and Goku, although this could simply be a result of their ability to have visions of the future.

Known residents


  • Planet Kanassa looks very similar to Planet Freeza No. 79. It could have been renamed Planet Freeza No. 79 after the Planet Elite Force exterminated the Kanassans.