Wu Xing Long

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"Your bark's bigger than your bite."
Wu Xing Long in "The Five-Star Dragon"

Wu Xing Long (五星龍, Goseiryū; Literally meaning "Five-Star Dragon") is one of the Evil Dragons.


Rage can be viewed as overconfident, arrogant, and obsessive over power. Under the delusions of being the most powerful of the Shadow Dragons, he believes himself to be unstoppable and no one can ever defeat him. These traits would reveal to be his greatest weakness as his obsession with power and his desire to be the best would lead to his defeat in battle as well as his death.


Wu Xing Long
Giant Wu Xing Long

Rage was the second Evil Dragon to fight against Son Goku and Son Pan. He was from the Five-Star Ball and represented the element of electricity.

Just like the other Evil Dragons, Rage was born from the Negative Energy that had resulted from the overuse of the Dragon Balls. He was specifically born from the wish used to resurrect Goku so that he could fight against the invading Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta (both Goku and Rage acknowledged that they were kind of like brothers). After defeating the bumbling and grotesque Haze Shen Long, Goku and Pan continued their search across the devastated Planet Earth for the remaining six Evil Dragons. They did not encounter Rage straight away, but observed his gelatinous electrical slime that had scattered itself all across a destroyed city. When they met Rage himself, Goku and Pan were confused by the fact that the terrible monster barely reached Pan's waist and Rage's claims that he was the most powerful of all the Evil Dragons. When they mentioned the death of Haze, Rage merely scoffed and stated that Haze was in fact the weakest of all the Evil Dragons.

Despite his size, Rage's ability to harness electricity through his electrical slime proved troublesome for Goku and Pan as their energy attacks were nullified by his electric blasts. Their energy was also sapped after they were mauled by Rage's electrical slime. Rage then demonstrated his ability to turn himself into Giant Wu Xing Long (巨大 五星龍, Kyodai Wu Xing Long) by absorbing his energized electrical slime. Goku transformed into his Super Saiyan 4 form, however, which angered Rage. Rage's electric attacks proved to be insufficient against Super Saiyan 4 Goku. He attempted to finish the fight by destroying Rage and all of his electrical slime with the 10x Kamehameha. Surprisingly, much to Rage's credit, he had not only survived the attack, but his electrical slime was able to conceal the energy from Goku's attack before sending it back to Goku. Goku shielded Pan from this counter attack thus taking the brunt of his own attack. Goku took a tremendous amount damage and was forced to revert back to his child-like base form. Rage proceeded with his assault by draining the remaining amount of electricity in the city and making his electrical slime grow to a massive size, thus making him very difficult for Pan and Goku to escape. Rage used his electrical slime to capture Pan and Goku and attempted to kill them both.


Unfortunately for Rage, it began to rain and caused his large outer body to undergo a violent chain reaction. Withdrawing to a safer distance, Goku and Pan watched as the Shadow Dragon tried in vain to scatter his electric slime again, but this proved impossible due to the slimes enormous size that prevents Rage from taking shelter from the rain. He ultimately exploded and returned to his original size.

As Goku and Pan found Rage, battered and beaten in a pile of rubble, they asked that he give up. Rage agreed and stated that Pan could take his Dragon Ball. As Pan approached to take the Dragon Ball from him, however, Rage tried one last attempt at killing the young girl. Goku swiftly destroyed the Evil Dragon, however, with a close-range Kamehameha.


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  • Rage overconfidence and delusion he is the most powerful Evil Dragon may come from the fact he was created from a wish that revived Goku (whom is considered to be the Strongest fighter in the universe) and the fact that the wish that created him enabled Goku to save Earth from Vegeta and Nappa (which ultimately lead to Goku's epic fight with the tyrant Freeza and transformation into a Super Saiyan). Also, Goku is known to be pure of heart and noble (while Rage is pure evil and obsessed with power). His desire to be the best may be related to Goku's Saiyan drive to fight strong opponents & push himself to his limits.
  • Both Goku and Rage consider themselves to be like brothers (as Goku was revived by the wish that created him). This is ironic as Goku originally died by sacrificing himself to defeat his brother Raditz. Also, Rage shares some aspects of Raditz's personality (such as they are both overconfident, arrogant, take pride in their strength, and willing to resort to dirty tricks when backed into a corner).