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Lychee (ライチ, Reishi; FUNimation "Raiti") is an alien.

Lychee's Japanese name is a pun on the word Reishi, or Lychee in English.


Lychee and Zaacro disguised themselves as Namekians becuase they wanted to steal the Namekian Spaceship after Bulma Brief, Kuririn, and Son Gohan had landed on Fake Planet Namek. Lychee's true form resembled that of Zaacro, but Lychee was a bit shorter and his skin color was light red. Gohan and Kuririn easily defeated Lychee and Zaacro and left them stranded on the planet.


  • Brain Drain – A technique where connecting appendages sprout from his head to the head of his target. It enables Lychee to review the memories of another.
  • Transformation – Lychee can shapeshift into another form, such as a Namekian.
  • He is able to project illusions.


  • Raiti and Zaacro are two of the few characters never to die in Dragon Ball Z, as they are last seen trapped on Fake Planet Namek.
  • Raiti only comes with the Dragon Ball Gang (Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma) for the Dragon Ball in the lake, the one in the cave (in the skull's mouth), and one in the lake of acid. Zaacro goes with them for the next three.
  • The alien giant in Dragon Ball GT who has a Dragon Ball stuck in his tooth bares a striking resemblance to Raiti and Zaacro.

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