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Ten Long (天 龍, Ten Ryū; FUNimation "Sky Dragon"; Literally meaning "Heaven Dragon") is a martial arts master and leader of the Phantom-Fang School along with his brother, Shao Long.


Dragon Ball

Meeting Son Goku

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Ten Long losing to Goku in King Wonton's Royal Match.

Ten and his brother, Shao Long, were enemies with Chin Taiken and his Chin-Star School. When Son Goku came into town to get medicine for Chin, he ended up fighting against Shao and winning. Ten then beat Goku in a sneak attack. The next day, at King Wonton's Royal Match, Goku ended up taking Chin's place and angered Ten. In their match, Ten spun at high speed at Goku, attacking him with the Panther-Cyclone. The two used variations of the Afterimage, and it was this attack in midair that Goku used to defeat Ten Long despite suffering from the effects of a laxative. Afterwards, Ten expressed respect towards Goku and befriended Chin's school.


Sky Dragon's Panther-Cyclone technique
  • Panther-Cyclone – The technique Ten uses in King Wonton's Royal Match.
  • Rapid Velocity – In a similar fashion to Tenshinhan, Ten swings his arms so fast they appear to be windmills on his shoulder and pummels his opponent too many times to count.
  • Zanzo-ken