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Yedi (イエディ, Iedi; FUNimation "Yeddy") is an Arlian.

Yedi's name is derived from the word Yeti, another term for the Abominable Snowman.

He is named Yenni in the closed captioning of the Ocean Group dub's VHS tape of "Terror on Arlia".


Yedi is a gigantic, silent, cannibalistic Arlian who resides at the bottom of The Pit in Moai's Palace.


Dragon Ball Z

The exact reasons for Yedi's size and cannibalism were never explained. He was possibly the Arlian equivalent of Earth's mythical giant Humans and was born mute and taught to feed on other Arlians by Moai.

Yedi was often used for executions by Moai, such as when a fighter lost a duel in the arena. Greger, an Arlian warrior, was eaten by Yedi after he lost a duel against Lesoy. When Vegeta and Nappa arrived on Planet Arlia and killed all of Moai's guards, he sent Yedi after them. Yedi fired eye lasers and caused massive damage to Moai's throne room. He showed enough strength to grapple with Nappa for a few moments, but was easily killed by Nappa once he started to get serious. Nappa pulled Yedi's finger off and destroyed him with the Bomber DX.


  • Eye Beam – A thin laser-like beam is shot from both eyes.