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"The fear inside you swells, but I'll replace it with pain."
Chapa-o in "Then There Were Eight"

Chapa-o (チャパ王, Chapaō; FUNimation "King Chappa") is a martial artist.

Chapa-o's Japanese name is a pun on the word Chapati.


Dragon Ball

Chapa-o was a Human warrior king who was once the Tenkaichi using his famous Hasshu-ken. It was said that he made it through the whole Tenkaichi Tournament without being touched.

Tien Shinhan Saga

Goku attacking Chapa-o.

Chapa-o entered the 22nd Tenkaichi Tournament and was set to face the young Son Goku in the preliminaries. When Jackie Chun saw him, he exclaimed that Goku could not beat him. Chapa-o was defeated by Goku, however, and surprised everyone including Chapa-o himself.

King Piccolo Saga

The night the tournament ended, Chapa-o was shown already training with a large group of loyal students. Soon he was targeted by Tambourine, who announced that he was there to kill him. Chapa-o attempted to use the Hasshu-ken to defend himself, but was easily killed by Tambourine, who mocked the technique and used an advanced one-hundred arm variant. Chapa-o died from the powerful punches and the impact of the wall, and some of his students attempted to avenge him but were killed as well. Later, Chapa-o (and presumably his students) were revived by Shen Long.

Piccolo Jr. Saga

Upon being returned to life (along with everyone else who was killed by Piccolo Daimao and his minions) thanks to a wish granted by the Eternal Dragon, Chapa-o competed in the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament. Unfortunately, he was once more defeated by Goku in the preliminaries. Chapa-o never appeared again after this.

Video games

Chapa-o made a minor appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Sūpā Gokū Den: Kakusei Hen and lost to Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Tournament.


Chapa-o using the Hasshu-ken.


  • Chapa-o is very similar to Mister Satan including the fact that he was once World Martial Arts Champion before Goku and his friends enter the tournament. They also both have afros and the same-style mustache.
  • Chapa-o's clothes and appearance are similar to Namu's, a fighter who also once faced Goku in a match held at the Tenkaichi Tournament. Interestingly enough, Namu's 2nd outfit in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is almost exactly the same as Chapa-o's outfit besides the turban.
  • Tambourine uses a hundred-handed variation of Chapa-o's eight-handed technique to kill him.