Giran (race)

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Girans (ギラン, Giran) are monster-type Earthlings.


Dragon Ball

The creatures said that they were the Giran Clan and that Giran was their leader in the FUNimation sub.

Excluding Giran, they first appeared when Goku went to find the blockage in the river to Namu's Village. Goku found that the Giras had blocked the river with the race's special ability to create Guru-guru-Gum.

Dragon Ball Z

The race was later killed off by Super Boo, but all (or most) of them were revived later and gave energy to Goku's Super Genki Dama.

Video games

Giran is a boss character and a playable character in Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure.

Giran is a boss character and fights in the Tenkaichi Tournament in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Giran appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans as Magmaras, Dark Giras, Dengiras, Dongiras, and Midgiras.