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"Tenshinhan vs. Taopaipai" (天津飯と桃白白, Tenshinhan to Tao Pai-pai; Literally meaning "Tenshinhan and Tao Pai-pai") is chapter 169 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

Things are starting, and the three Kame dōgi-wearing young men have told Bulma, Lunch, Oolong, Pu'er, and Kame-Sen'nin that everyone but Chiaotzu is competing. Kuririn says the person who defeated Chiaotzu was Tsuru-Sen'nin's little brother, Tao Pai-pai, who survived his fight with Goku and became half robot. Yamcha says Tao Pai-pai intends to kill Goku and Tenshinhan, and he's fighting Tenshinhan in the first match. Kame-Sen'nin thinks Tenshinhan's in trouble, but Goku says he isn't, Tao Pai-pai's no match for Tenshinhan.

And then Tsuru-Sen'nin interrupts them, and says the clumsy punks of the Kame-Style will be wiped out. Kame-Sen'nin tells him that Tenshinhan, and now these three here, don't follow the Kame-Style, since they're walking their own path. "Hoh, despite the fact that they're wearing Kame-Style dōgi?" Kame-Sen'nin says they've done that against his will, and Kuririn affirms it. And then Tsuru-Sen'nin walks off, talking some more crap about how they'll lose. But Goku says Tao Pai-pai isn't really all that awesome.

The contestants are called on to start the matches, and so everyone wishes Goku, Yamcha, and Kuririn well as they head off. Kame-Sen'nin mentions getting to be a spectator this time, but then Oolong shouts out that the crowd is too big, and there's no way to get a good view. Bulma then tickles Lunch's nose with a little reed, and she sneezes, turning into the bad one. Lunch pulls out her pistols and starts firing into the air, clearing a path for them.

Kuririn asks Goku why he thinks Tao Pai-pai won't win, and Goku explains that Tenshinhan is just much more awesome. And, if Tsuru-Sen'nin tries something, he has these things that can fill you up like ten days worth of food. Kuririn and Yamcha grin, and Kuririn says he and Yamcha also have senzu. Yamcha explains that Muten Rōshi told him, Kuririn, Tenshinhan, and Chiaotzu about climbing Karin Tower, and so they all trained there. Kuririn says there was this Yajirobe dude there, and they told him to come to the Budōkai since he looked strong. But, it seems he didn't show up, and Yajirobe is hiding in the bushes, pissed about having lost.

"Ladies and gentleman of the audience, so sorry to have kept you waiting such an awfully long time!! But now we're back, and we'll begin the Twenty Third Tenka'ichi Budōkai!!" Tao Pai-pai and Tenshinhan are called out for the first match, and Lunch yells out at Tenshinhan to kick some ass. "Well then, please begin the first match!!" Tenshinhan and Tao Pai-pai stare each other down, as Yamcha, Goku, Kuririn, Tsuru-Sen'nin, and Kame-Sen'nin watch intently.

Tao Pai-pai rushes at Tenshinhan, but Tenshinhan easily sidesteps it, and then pops Tao Pai-pai on the back. Tao Pai-pai staggers back up, pissed, and Tenshinhan asks him to please stop. Tao Pai-pai asks about that, but Tenshinhan disappears and then reappears behind Tao Pai-pai, saying he thinks he's become too strong for him.

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