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"Cell vs. Gohan" (本気対本気, Honki Tai Honki; Literally meaning "Seriousness vs Seriousness") is chapter 409 of the Dragon Ball manga.

Chapter Synopsis

The two of them stare each other down, Cell pissed, and Gohan just serious. Trunks has fed Kuririn a senzu, explaining to him that Gohan got the senzu back from Cell. He tells Kuririn they need to get further away, although Kuririn is busy being awed by the transformed Gohan. Cell looks at Gohan and doubts he seriously thinks he can defeat him. Gohan says he can defeat Cell. Cell is surprised, but then smirks and says he'll show Gohan his fierce, true power. Yamcha has recovered now, and he, Trunks, Kuririn, and Vegeta watch from the cliff as Cell begins powering up. Everyone is blown back by it, with all kinds of dust blowing around. When some of the dust clears, Gohan hasn't moved at all. Goku says Cell is finally fighting at full power. Cell tells Gohan he's gotten serious now, but Gohan is unconcerned. Cell is surprised, but then he laughs.

Cell charges at Gohan and punches him in the face. Gohan reels back a bit, but he is barely affected, and Cell is shocked. Cell punches at Gohan again, but Gohan blocks it, and then delivers a hard blow to Cell's gut. Cell clutches his stomach for a bit, but then takes one hand to swipe at Gohan. Gohan ducks it, and then gives Cell an uppercut that knocks him back a bit. Cell is furious, with blood streaming down from his nose and mouth. Cell can't believe he's taken so much damage from just two punches. The TV camera is broken, but the announcer is still trying to call the fight anyway, talking about how well the boy is doing against Cell.

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