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Stephanie Nadolny (born May 19, 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee) is a voice actress who has worked for Funimation Entertainment and ADV Films. In the Dragon Ball franchise, she is best known as the English voice for the child versions of Son Goku and Son Gohan in the FUNimation dub of the series. Though her list of roles is somewhat small compared to other voice actors, her work has still been extensive due to Goku and Gohan being such prominent characters. She did not reprise her role of Gohan for Dragon Ball Z Kai, however, due to creative differences with Christopher Sabat.

Voice work

Anime series

  • Beet the Vandel Buster as Additional Voices
  • Case Closed Opening 2 Singer
  • Dragon Ball as Kid Goku, Old Lady (episode 4)
  • Dragon Ball GT as Kid Goku, Ending 1 Singer
  • Dragon Ball Z as Kid Gohan, Baby Trunks, East Kai, Angela, Gohan's High School English Teacher; Additional Voices
  • Fruits Basket as Ari; Additional Voices
  • Gravion as Captain Faye Xin Yu
  • Hakugei- Legend of Moby Dick as Atre
  • Kanon as Alarm Clock, Track Team Girl 2, Track Girls, Classmates, Chatty Girls, Kimono Girls, Waitress; Additional Voices
  • Kiddy Grade as the singer for the opening and ending theme songs
  • Parasite Dolls as Eve
  • Yu Yu Hakusho as Additional Voices

Anime films

Video games