Baron Jaga Butta

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"Now I can expose the planet's greatest fraud."
Baron Jaga Butta in Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly

Baron Jaga Butta (ジャガー バッタ 男爵, Jagā Batta Sanshaku; FUNimation "Lord Jaguar") is a rich tyrant.


Jaga slightly resembles Vodka, the greedy gangster Son Goku encounters while searching for the Dragon Balls during the Cell Games Saga. He may have a somewhat lecherous attitude towards women since he acts rather pervertedly towards Artificial Human No. 18 when she and Satan arrive on his island (with No. 18 responding by slapping Jaga into a wall).


Jaga appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bio Broly. He had vast wealth which he used in order to have a team of geneticists clone Broly. Jaga was portrayed as an unintelligent billionaire. He ultimately planned to have the clone help him claim world domination as well as expose Mister Satan as being a fraud (it is implied that his primary reason as to why he wanted to expose Satan as a fraud was because of a grudge towards him in regards to a fight against Satan in high school that he lost). Ultimately, he discovered the hard way that the Legendary Super Saiyan was not so easily tamed. At one point, he ordered Bio Broly to stop attacking Trunks Brief only to be attacked himself. In the end, he was saved by Trunks as the Culture Fluid consumed his facility.


  • Jaga, along with Menmen, are among the very few main film villains to survive the events of a film, as most main villains perish before the ending of the films they appear in.

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