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"I just did them a favor by fusing them with Lord Lood. They'll be of much better service to him now, rather than dancing and prancing around like a bunch of show-tune obsessed idiots!"
Mutchi-motchi in "Lord Luud's Curse"

Mutchi-motchi (ムッチー モッチー, Mutchii Motchii; FUNimation "Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy") leads the Lood Cult.

Mutchi-motchi's Japanese name is a pun on the word Muchi, or Whip in English.


Dragon Ball GT

Mutchi-motchi had a Machine Mutant pet named Leon. He also used a whip that was in actuality a Machine Mutant named Mutchi.

Video games

Mutchi-motchi appeared as a miniboss in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

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