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Mutchi (ムッチー, Mutchii; FUNimation "Mutchy") is a Machine Mutant.

Mutchi's Japanese name is a pun on the word Muchi, or Whip in English.


Dragon Ball GT

Mutchi was used as the whip of Mutchi-motchi. Upon Mutchi-motchi's death, Mutchi revealed his true form as a mostly yellow, alien-like Machine Mutant with long, spiked whips that extended from the ends of his claw-like hands. These whips could cause any inanimate object they striked to seemingly come to life and attack his opponent. This ranged from commanding wall-mounted swords to fly at his opponent to causing hands to grow from the floor and restrain his opponent. Along with this, Mutchi was able to drain the life force of anyone wrapped in his whips similar to the ki-draining powers of Artificial Human No. 19, Artificial Human No. 20, and Super Artificial Human No. 17. Although he was a formidable opponent, he was eventually defeated by Trunks Brief.

Video games

Mutchi-motchi appeared as a sub-boss in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation.

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