Mega Cannon Sigma

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Mega Cannon Sigma without Natt.

Mega Cannon Sigma (メガ キャノン シグマ, Mega Kyanon Shiguma; FUNimation "Mega Cannon Sigma Force") is Rild's top Planet M2 commandos.


Mega Cannon Sigma first appeared in "Giru's Checkered Past". Rild realized that Son Pan was in the base and sent Nat to deal with her in "Pan's Gambit". The Machine Mutant seemed to be winning with ease, but Pan figured out that he could only predict moves she had done before. She and Kid Goku combined some of their moves and destroyed the Machine Mutant. When Mega Cannon Sigma battled against Goku in "Unexpected Power", they fused together (with the exception of Natt) to create one mighty robot, Sigma Force Cannon.


They are named Mega Kyanon Σ (メガ キャノン Σ, Mega Kyanon Σ) in Dragon Ball Carddass Hondan.



  • Nezi is the commander of Mega Cannon Sigma as stated in "Pan's Gambit".
  • Nezi is the only member of Mega Cannon Sigma that can transform.