Pilaf-Buggy Evil Alliance

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The Pilaf-Buggy Evil Alliance (ピラフバギー 悪党 同盟, Pirafu-Bagii Akutō Dōmei) is a group from Planet Earth.


The Pilaf-Buggy Evil Alliance appeared in Cross Epoch. They tried to defeat Luffy D. Monkey and Son Goku for always getting in their way of world domination. Pilaf and Buggy the Clown were the captains of the Pilaf-Buggy Evil Alliance. They used a flying ship in the form of a giant Blowfish called the Tettiri Number 55. In reality, however, Tettiri Number 55 was actually a small ship in the form of a Bird – the Blowfish shape merely being a threatening-looking facade made out of paper mache. They were shot down out of the sky by the other characters.