Red Shark Gang

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The Red Shark Gang (レッドシャーク 団, Reddo Shāku Dan) is a group of criminals from Satan City.


Dragon Ball Z

The leader of the Red Shark Gang was Rock.[1] Jimbo and Slimjim were two members of the Red Shark Gang. They were first seen being chased by the police, but they tricked the police and made them crash. All of this was seen by Son Gohan, who told them that what they did was dangerous and challenged them to a fight. Later, Rock challenged Mister Satan to a fight after taking the mayor of Satan City hostage. Satan stayed home out of fear, though his daughter, Son Videl, challenged the gang in his place. She and Gohan, disguised as the Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyawoman, defeated the criminals and rounded up all the present members for the police.

Known members