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Freeza's Elite (フリーザ様 御一行, Furiiza-sama O-Ikkō; Literally meaning "Mr. Freeza's Honorable Party") are the best soldiers that Freeza leads.


Raditz, the first member of Freeza's Elite shown, appeared in "The New Threat" ("The Arrival of Raditz" in the edited dub). He was sent to Planet Earth to investigate the planet's status and recover his brother, Kakarrot (now known as Son Goku). Raditz did not actually mention Freeza, and only mentioned that the Saiyans were responsible for planet broking. It was not until "Held Captive" that the universal threat Freeza posed was first described. Freeza's most esteemed henchmen, and possibly those who he had collaborated with the longest, were Dodoria and Zarbon, who acted as his closest advisers and military commanders.

Both Dodoria and Zarbon oversaw the destruction of the Saiyan race, with Zarbon suggesting that the Saiyans be eliminated before they formed a rebellion and Dodoria participating in the extermination of the most powerful Saiyan platoon, the Planet Elite Force. Decades later, Vegeta executed both Dodoria and Zarbon on Planet Namek, although initially a transformation used by the latter got the best of the Saiyan. In addition to the Saiyan race in general, other known followers of Freeza included Appule, Banan, Blueberry, Kewie, Namole, Orlen, Raspberry, and Sūi.

Abo and Kado were also former members of Freeza's Elite and appeared in Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!. Malaka was shown presiding over Freeza's conversion into a cyborg. The Ginyu Special Corps were also among the soldiers employed by Freeza. Unlike most mercenaries who did Freeza's bidding, the Ginyu Special Corps were freelancers who were favored by the tyrant. In addition to Freeza's Elite, countless other unnamed soldiers were part of Freeza's Force and appeared throughout the series, mostly during the climax of Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku. The playable character Freeza Soldier was representative of these countless soldiers in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series.

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