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"If those little twerps think they can outrun me, they've got another thing coming! And when I get my hands on them, they're gonna lose a lot more than their eyes. Do you hear me!? I'm gonna tear you apart! I'm gonna rip you to pieces! And I'm gonna love every minute of it!"
Dodoria in "The Hunted"

Dodoria (ドドリア, Dodoria; FUNimation "Dodoria", Viz "Dodoria") is a member of Freeza's Elite.

Dodoria's Japanese name is a pun on the word Dorian, or Durian in English.

Appearance and personality

Dodoria has a rather brash and vulgar demeanor in sharp contrast to the more refined attitude seen in his comrade, Zarbon. He is an overweight, pink, and round alien warrior. He has protruding spikes on his arms and head. He also wears the common armor that most of Frieza's men have, including the shoulder pads and a green scouter.


Dragon Ball Z

Namek Saga

Main article: Namek Saga

Dodoria on Planet Namek.
Dodoria, Freeza, and Zarbon interrogating the Namekian villagers.
Dodoria eliminating Moori by brutally snapping his neck.
Dodoria performing an energy mouth beam on Gohan and Krillin during pursuit.

Dodoria accompanied Zarbon alongside his master, Freeza, to Planet Namek in search of the planet's Dragon Balls, which Freeza planned to use to gain immortality and thus maintain his dominance in the universe. Dodoria was able to help him collect most of the Dragon Balls by mercilessly slaughtering the Namekians as a means to extract information from them. Vegeta soon shows up on Planet Namek with his own desire to find the Dragon Balls, and quickly kills Cui, who was sent to dispose of Vegeta. As he does so, Dodoria's scouter runs wild, telling him that Vegeta's power level is 24,000, which Dodoria dismisses as a malfunction given that would have meant Vegeta was stronger than him.

At the same time, a group of three Namekian warriors arrive to save the survivors of Frieza's most recent attack. After the group kills Frieza's low-level minions, Dodoria makes quick work of the three on Frieza's orders. In the hopes of preventing further bloodshed, the survivng Namekian elder Moori reveals the location of the Dragon Ball. Frieza wants him to reveal the location of the other villages as payment for Moori's earlier destruction of their scouters. Moori refuses and orders his grandsons, Cargo and Dende, to run away while he buys them time. Dodoria kills Cargo (in the manga this was actually Frieza's doing) with a blast over Moori's shoulder, and then grabs Moori in a choke hold before brutally cracking his neck. As Dodoria moves along to kill Dende, Gohan and Krillin intervene and save the young Namekian. Dodoria is enraged by their interference and pursues them for quite some time, only being stopped by the temporary blindness that Krillin's solar flare attack induces, allowing them to seek refuge.

Once Dodoria comes to his senses, he unleashes a volley of blasts, demolishing the land below. Convinced that this onslaught was enough to finish Krillin, Dodoria makes his return to Frieza, apparently not noticing that Krillin had survived his attack by floating high above him. As he makes his way back to Frieza, Dodoria is forced into the waters below by an unknown force. Upon surfacing, he finds his assailant to have been none other than Vegeta, who has decided to betray Frieza so as to pursue his own desires. Dodoria encourages him to run away while he can, but Vegeta decides to challenge Dodoria instead.

Angered by Vegeta's confidence, Dodoria attempts to finish Vegeta quickly with a flurry of blasts. Easily avoiding the attacks, Vegeta forces Dodoria into submission. In an attempt to save himself, Dodoria tries to bargain with Vegeta, offering to tell the secret behind the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld. Vegeta takes him up on the offer and releases Dodoria, who informs Vegeta of the planet's true fate, and at the same time takes the opportunity to try and fly back to Frieza. Vegeta, however, is not in a forgiving mood, and ruthlessly eliminates the fleeing Dodoria with a large energy blast.

Frieza Saga

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Zarbon, Freeza, and Dodoria during a flashback.

Dodoria appears in the Frieza Saga through flashbacks. In one scene, he is seen beside Zarbon and Frieza when King Vegeta is revolting and attacking the ship. Frieza kills King Vegeta, while Zarbon and Dodoria bear witness. Another scene shows Zarbon, Dodoria, and Frieza insulting the remaining Saiyans. After Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz return from their conquest on Planet Shikk, they are met with pity rather than accommodation by Frieza and his top henchmen. Nappa nearly loses control and tries to attack Frieza along with Zarbon and Dodoria, but Vegeta orders his comrade to stand down, knowing that they wouldn't stand a chance against them.

Dodoria never spoke in the flashbacks. By this time in the original series, Funimation had taken over doing the voices.

Dragon Ball GT

Super 17 Saga

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Dodoria and Zarbon terrorizing Earth in Dragon Ball GT.

Zarbon and Dodoria return from Hell in Dragon Ball GT. Similar to his brief escape in the movie Fusion Reborn, Dodoria escapes from Hell alongside Zarbon and they wreak havoc with all the other villains in the Super 17 Saga. However, he is defeated again and sent back when the Z Warriors come to face all of the previously defeated foes.


Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku Main article: Invasion of Planet Meat

Dodoria in Bardock: The Father of Goku.
Dodoria executing Tora on orders from Freeza.

Dodoria is seen as one of Frieza's top two henchmen, the other being Zarbon. Within Frieza's majestic ship, they attend to matters at hand. The most recent news is the power that the Saiyans are gaining. Zarbon warns Frieza of the Saiyan threat and advises him that it would be smart to eradicate them before they become a threat to his power. Dodoria is sent to eradicate Bardock and his team of fighters (Fasha, Borgos, Shugesh, and Tora) along with a group of his elites.

He is successful in killing most of the team but carelessly leaves Bardock alive after delivering one heavily powerful mouth blast at him. Bardock is so battered and beaten, he is left limping after Dodoria's onslaught. Dodoria returns to Frieza; Zarbon warns him of his recklessness and Dodoria's negligence angers Frieza. However, Frieza reassures him that it won't be necessary to kill Bardock separately since he has decided to destroy the entire Saiyan race. Bardock tries to relay the message about Frieza's attack but nobody believes him. Bardock challenges Freeza, but ultimately shares the fate of his planet when it along with all its inhabitants are obliterated. Dodoria and Zarbon are the only two witnesses to Frieza's powerful blast, as the rest of Frieza's fighters who were present were caught in the attack, since they had been sent out to hold down Bardock.

Video games

Dodoria in Budokai Tenkaichi.

Dodoria appeared as a playable character in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast, and Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.

Dodoria appeared as a boss character in Dragon Ball Z: Sūpā Saiya Densetsu where the fight ensued after he had destroyed the team's spaceship.

Dodoria was mentioned in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 in Vegeta's storyline.

Battle power

Dodoria was stated to have a battle power of 22,000 in Dragon Ball: Daizenshū 7. Vegeta, who defeated him, had a battle power of 24,000 (according to the Kanzenban manga of Dragon Ball). Perhaps the best resource to confirm Dodoria's battle power was Sūpā Saiya Densetsu where in the battle against Dodoria he was at a maximum of 22,000 and he can perform multiple spins and aerial strikes regardless of his size.


Dodoria is of the same race as Apuriko, Gōman, and Kābosu.


Dodoria uses his brute force to overpower his opponents. He is intelligent, but his anger seems to get the best of him at times. Dodoria has the generic powers that many other Dragon Ball characters share, including the ability to throw numerous exceptionally powerful rapid blasts. He can also emit blasts from his mouth as well, most commonly known as mouth blasts. The most noticeable trait that Dodoria has is his ability to throw his weight around. He is extremely fast for his rotund body

Maximum Buster

Dodoria charging the Maximum Buster

The Maximum Buster is an orange beam used by Dodoria in the Namek Saga. He first uses it in an attempt to kill Krillin, Gohan, and Dende in one blast. They are able to avoid that attack and go unnoticed by Dodoria who assumes they are dead. It is later used in an attempt to destroy Vegeta, again to no avail. The technique is performed by holding both hands in the air and charging up a large ball of energy, eventually unleashing a huge beam. The technique's name is derived from the Budokai Tenkaichi series.

Other techniques

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