Dodoria's Elite

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Dodoria's Elite (ドドリア 精鋭, Dodoria Seiei; Literally meaning "Dodoria Elite") is an elite platoon Dodoria leads.


The Appule-like soldier firing his Continuous Energy Bullet.
Dodoria's Elite on Planet Meat charging at Bardock.

Dodoria's Elite appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bardock: The Father of Goku. Despite being elite soldiers, all four members of the group (excluding Dodoria) were nameless characters. Their captain (credited on various film websites as the "Horned Gang Leader") bore a resemblance to Zeeun, one of Slug's subordinates. His skin was colored orange and he had horns and long brown hair. Another member was clearly of the same race as Appule and had amethyst-colored skin with gold specs. The other members included a Frog-like creature with a red head-crest and a green humanoid who looked similar to the brown Freeza Soldier and Slug Soldiers. These four accompanied Dodoria to Planet Meat where, under Freeza's orders, they executed the Planet Elite Force (with the exception of Bardock, who during this time was resting in a Saiyan infirmary). When Bardock discovered his ravaged comrades, he was assaulted by Dodoria's Elite. He managed to dominate the elite-class fighters for a short time.

The Appule-like soldier fired several energy waves at Bardock only to have his skull caved. Bardock used the green humanoid soldier as a shield to defend from an oncoming energy wave. The Frog-like soldier took hold of Bardock, who was briefly distracted by his foresight, while the commander member rapidly punched the Saiyan. When Bardock recovered, he spun the Frog-like soldier around and the commander accidentally punched a hole through his back. Bardock then launched a large energy wave at the soldiers and killed both of them. Dodoria soon arrived and overpowered Bardock, however, and left him for dead.

Notable members

  • Dodoria (Leader)
  • Unnamed member (Commander)
  • Unnamed member
  • Unnamed member
  • Unnamed member