King Cold's Spaceship

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King Cold's Spaceship (コルド 大王 の 宇宙船, Korudo Daiō no Uchūsen) is a large spaceship that King Cold uses for transportation. The ship is identical to both Coola's Spaceship and Freeza's Spaceship.


This ship was first seen when Freeza was found near death in the depths of space after his defeat on Planet Namek. Freeza was rebuilt and given cyborg body parts (Mecha Freeza) while on this ship, and the father-son duo then plotted a course for Planet Earth to take revenge upon Son Goku. Upon their arrival, Future Trunks Brief unexpectedly showed up. After the young Super Saiyan killed both Mecha Freeza and Cold, he blew the spaceship up with a powerful Ki Blast.