Babidi's Force

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Babidi's Force (バビディ 一味, Babidi Ichimi) is a group of brainwashed warriors under the control of Babidi.


The son of the powerful wizard Bibidi, Babidi used a spell to take control of a number of prime fighters. His forces made their first appearance with Yamu and Spopovich, who were sent to the 25th Tenkaichi Tournament in "Who Will Fight Who?" to steal energy from other contestants so that Babidi may resurrect his father's ultimate creation, Majin Boo. Upon receiving the energy, Babidi betrayed and murdered Yamu and Spopovich with help from another, more powerful minion, Puipui. Babidi also had control over the King of Demons (not to be confused with Piccolo Daimao, Dabura, whose spit is enough to overpower Krillin, Piccolo, and Kibito. In his base of operations, Babidi unleashed Puipui and yet another more powerful minion, Yakon, against Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, and East Kaioshin. Puipui was slaughtered by Vegeta and Yakon was slain by Goku, but it was during these battles that Dabura learned that Vegeta was vulnerable to Babidi's spell due to the evil that still remained within his heart. After he reported this to his boss, Babidi cast his magic on Vegeta and turned him into a Majin follower. Later, when Majin Boo hatched from his cocoon, Babidi took some degree of control over the creature, mostly through bribery. Vegeta, however, fought against Majin Boo and sacrificed himself in a vain attempt to kill the monster. Babidi and Majin Boo soon began a reign of terror over Earth, killing millions until they were confronted by Goku. Majin Boo fought against Goku, but decided to leave after Goku told Majin Boo that it was pathetic how Babidi controled him. Majin Boo then killed Babidi, leading to later events in the saga. After Majin Boo resurfaced, he defected to the Z Warriors. With Babidi and his subordinates either dead or free from his possession, the wizard's influence crumbled and became a thing of the past. Although Majin Boo inadvertently created his Evil, Super, and Kid forms, they had no association with Babidi. On the contrary, Babidi was one of the few villains in Hell who cheered for Goku to defeat Kid Boo because of the grudge he held against the creature.

Known members

  • Babidi (Leader)
  • Dabura (Warrior, guarded level 3 of Babidi's Spaceship)
  • Majin Boo (Warrior, Babidi's prize minion)
  • Majin Vegeta (Warrior, defected immediately)
  • Puipui (Warrior, guarded level 1 of Babidi's Spaceship)
  • Spopovich (Henchman)
  • Yakon (Warrior, guarded level 2 of Babidi's Spaceship)
  • Yamu (Henchman)