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Goku forming an energy wave.

Energy wave (気功波, Kikōha; Literally meaning "Spirit Work Wave") is a generic term for numerous techniques.


The energy wave debuted with the Kamehameha in "Kame Kame Kame Chameleon" and "The Kamehameha Wave".

In the manga, Son Goku refered to his energy wave as a fireball.

In the reenactment of the Cell Games, energy waves were referred to as fireballs.

In essence, energy waves were a type of technique where their user utilized an assortment of Ki-based waves cast from (but not limited to) their palms, feet, nose, fingertips, eyes, body, or mouth. The color of the aura they emitted varied between users (for example, the Kamehameha launched by various users have ranged in color from blue to red to yellow). The most commonly seen energy waves were the Kamehamehas and Continuous Energy Bullets. Some of these energy waves could also home in on their target. With enough energy, their power, speed, force, and size could also be augmented. These attacks were capable of being improved upon as their user's concentration became more adept or they assumed some type of transformation.

Energy waves



Beam blades

Ki slashes

Beam waves

Explosive waves (Ground zero explosions)

Self-destructions (Kamikazes/Suicides)



Ki blasts


Blaster bursts

Explosive impacts

Ki explosions

Ki breaths

Continuous/Rapid fire blasts




Death balls (Planet destroyers)

Spirit bombs

Ki forms (Beings/Objects)