ReaCoom Ultra Fighting Miracle Bomber

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The ReaCoom Ultra Fighting Miracle Bomber (ウルトラ ファイティング ミラクル ボンバー, Urutora Faitingu Mirakuru Bonbā) is an energy wave attack used by ReaCoom.


ReaCoom says, "Recoome... Ultra Fighting..." as he forms a large amount of energy around his body. He then shouts, "...Force!" and has the energy explode out of him in a massive blast, inflicting huge damage.


Dragon Ball Z[edit]

ReaCoom used this attack in his battle against Son Goku on Planet Namek. ReaCoom was elbowed in the stomach, however, and defeated effortlessly by Goku before he could complete the attack, much to the shock of everyone present.

Video games[edit]

Recoome Fighting Bomber is named in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and is ReaCoom's Ultimate Blast.

It is named Recoome Bomber in the Budokai video game series and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

It later appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.

It is ReaCoom's ultimate attack.


  • The affect of the attack is only shown in video games because ReaCoom does not have the chance to finish saying the name of the attack in the manga or the anime.