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The Homing Kienzan (追尾 気円斬, Tsuibi Kienzan; Literally meaning "Chasing Spirit Circle Beheader") is an energy disc attack used by Cell and Freeza.


The Homing Kienzan was an improved version of Kuririn's Kienzan. The main difference was that the Homing Kienzan could be controlled by the creator to change direction (although it is possible that without Telekinesis, it is nothing more than a red Kienzan given the fact that when Freeza broke eye contact, the Homing Kienzan could no longer be controlled). This was the final attack used by Freeza in his battle against Son Goku (with the exception of You Will Die By My Hand!). It backfired, however, as Goku was able to get the Homing Kienzan to slice Freeza in half. (Goku did try to warn him to get out of the way.) Also, the colors and abilities were different. It had a red central disk with a sharp "edge" of purple/pink Ki around it. The Homing Kienzan could be created in pairs and was able to lock onto the Ki signature of a target. As long as the original user maintained their concentration, the Homing Kienzan would continue to follow a victim. Once concentration lapsed, however, the attack could wind up anywhere.

Dragon Ball Z

Cell used this attack during the Cell Games. Cell could use both the Kienzan and the Homing Kienzan because he possessed the cells of both Freeza and Kuririn.

Dragon Ball GT

Freeza used this attack in his fight against Kid Goku in Hell in Dragon Ball GT. Once again, it backfired with much less effort required from Goku. This variation was colored purple and had a red center.

Video games

It is named Death Saucer (keeping with his attacks' death theme, such as the Death Beam and the Death Ball) in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and is used by Freeza in his 100% Final Form. It cannot be blocked or deflected at all.

It also appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 as one of Perfect Cell's Blast 2 attacks, normally named Destructo Disc, and the color was changed to yellow.

Cell used the real, homing, purple discs named Death Saucer in his Perfect Form in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast.

Character meaning

  • 追 (tsui) = chase
  • 尾 (bi) = tail
  • 追尾 (tsuibi) = tracking/pursuing
  • 気 (ki) = spirit
  • 円 (en) = circle
  • 斬 (zan) = slice/behead/kill