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"The Kamehameha Wave"

English titleThe Kamehameha Wave
Japanese title亀仙人のカメハメ波
Rōmaji titleKamesen'nin no Kamehameha
Literal titleKame sen'nin's Kamehameha
Dragon Ball
SagaEmperor Pilaf Saga
Episode number (position in saga)8 (8)
Corresponding manga
13, 14, 15
Japanese airdateApril 16, 1986
English airdateAugust 29, 2001
Previous episodeThe Ox King on Fire Mountain
Next episodeBoss Rabbit's Magic Touch

The Kamehameha Wave (亀仙人のカメハメ波,"Kamesen'nin no Kamehameha", lit. "Kame sen'nin's Kamehameha") is the eighth episode of Dragon Ball and the eighth episode of the Emperor Pilaf Saga.


[edit] Summary

Chi-Chi criticizing Master Roshi for not dodging her attack.

Goku and Chi-Chi finally make it to the Kame House. However, Chi-Chi’s a little skeptical about whether or not that’s Master Roshi, so she throws her helmet blade to see if he could dodge it. He senses the attack but not soon enough to dodge it. While Chi-Chi berates him, the Turtle Hermit pulls out his Hermit Club Card as proof. Chi-Chi apologizes and pulls out the blade from Master Roshi’s forehead.

Master Roshi prepares for his special technique.

Master Roshi then talks to Goku in secret and says that he’ll let the use the Bansho Fan if Bulma can set him up on a date. Goku agrees, and the master also mentions not to tell Chi-Chi about the deal. While searching for the Bansho Fan, Turtle mentions that Master Roshi was last using it as a placemat. The hermit says that he threw it out because it was sticky from some juice he spilled on it. Master Roshi then decides to go to Fire Mountain himself to put out the fire. After calling Baby Gamela, the three were on their way.

Upon arriving at Fire Mountain, Ox-King rushes to greet his old master, and Master Roshi immediately falls to the ground (riding around in circles made him dizzy). After berating Ox-King for killing people over his treasure in his castle, the mighty giant begs for his forgiveness. Meanwhile, Master Roshi pulls Goku and Bulma aside and explains the deal he made with Goku. At first, Bulma gets very mad, but Master Roshi points out that the Dragon Ball is still inside the castle. Bulma will only get him a date when the hermit puts out the fire.

Master Roshi launches the Kamehameha Wave at Fire Mountain.

After taking off his turtle shell and shirt, Master Roshi starts to bulk up his scrawny body instantly. Meanwhile, Yamcha and Puar are still staring in awe. After harnessing his energy and uttering the phrase “Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha,” Master Roshi releases the energy towards the castle. When it was all over, he returns to his normal self, but everyone mentions that even thought the fire’s out, the castle is destroyed as well. However, Bulma was able to find the Dragon Ball in the rubble.

Goku attempts the Kamehameha wave.

Master Roshi tells Goku that the Kamehameha Wave took him 50 years to perfect. However, Goku manages to perform it within 50 seconds (maybe not that long), and destroys the capsule car in the process. Then, Goku mentions that his wasn’t as powerful as Master Roshi’s. Master Roshi is dumbfounded, but after Ox-King mentions that he’s the grandson of Grandpa Gohan, they briefly talk about him.

Goku promises Chi-Chi that they will meet again.

When Bulma sees that Goku destroyed the car, she became upset, but Ox-King offered the group a jet car to use for a job well done. However, before Goku, Bulma, and Oolong take off, Master Roshi reminds Bulma about the deal. Quickly, Bulma pulls Oolong aside and asks him to set Roshi up with one of his friends. Oolong replies that it’s a no-go and says all of his friends are pigs. After asking him to get her out of the mess, Oolong changes into Bulma to tell him. Instead, he tries to set him up with Bulma. Angrily, Bulma blows off the deal leaving a surprised Master Roshi.

Goku and Chi-Chi talk for a little bit with both asking if they’ll think about each other. Eventually, the group takes off, and Yamcha and Puar follow in their own air car.

[edit] Battles

Chi-Chi vs. Master Roshi

[edit] Voice cast

Character Japanese Voice Ocean Voice Blue Water Voice Funimation Voice
Goku Masako Nozawa Saffron Henderson Zoe Slusar Stephanie Nadolny
Bulma Hiromi Tsuru Lalainia Lindbjerg Leda Davies Tiffany Vollmer
Yamcha Tohru Furuya Ted Cole Victor Atelevich Christopher R. Sabat
Oolong Naoki Tatsuta Alec Willows Corby Proctor Brad Jackson
Puar Naoko Watanabe Kathy Morse Kris Simms Monika Antonelli
Master Roshi Kohei Miyauchi Michael Donovan Dean Galloway Mike McFarland
Ox King Daisuke Gouri Dave Ward Dave Pettitt Kyle Hebert
Chi-Chi Mayumi Shou Andrea Libman Katie Rowan Laura Bailey
Turtle Daisuke Gouri Doug Parker Dave Pettitt Christopher R. Sabat
Narrator Jouji Yanami Jim Conrad Steve Olsen Brice Armstrong

[edit] Edits

[edit] Visual Edits

[edit] Scene Removals

  • In the early English dub, the scene where Oolong disguised as Bulma and exposing his breasts to Master Roshi giving him a nosebleed was completely removed.

[edit] Dialogue Edits

  • The Ocean Group Dub replaced master roshi wanting to see Bulma's Breasts with setting Master Roshi up on a date with an old woman like him.
    • In the edited Funimation Dub shown on Cartoon Network, Master Roshi wanted Bulma to walk on the beach with him.

[edit] Trivia

  • This is the first time that the series that a Kamehameha is used.
  • This is the last non-filler appearance of Chi-Chi as a kid.
  • The edited 1995 dub of this episode uses the misspelling "Kamehameah."

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Brief summaryMaster Roshi agrees to let Goku borrow the Master Roshi agrees to let Goku borrow the Bansho fan,but remembers that he threw it out. He decides to put out the fire himself. When they arrive back at Fire Mountain, Master Roshi uses his famous Kamehame-Ha to blow out the flames. The wave puts out the fire, but it also destroys the entire mountain. With the Dragon Radar, Bulma is able to search through the rubble and find the Seven-Star Ball. Goku tries his own Kamehameha wave and is miraculously able to do it on the first try. raculously able to do it on the first try.