Chocolate Kamehameha

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The Chocolate Kamehameha (チョコレート カメハメハ, Chokorēto Kamehameha; Literally meaning "Chocolate Turtle Destruction Wave"), or Change Kamehameha (変化 カメハメハ, Henka Kamehameha; Literally meaning "Change Turtle Destruction Wave"), is a combination of the Chocolate Beam and the Kamehameha and used by Majoob.


Majoob fires the Kamehameha at his opponent. Instead of inflicting damage, however, it changes his opponent into chocolate.


Majoob's beam being deflected back at him by Vegeta Baby resulting in Majoob turning into chocolate.

Majoob used this attack against Vegeta Baby. The Tsufruian parasite countered with the Final Flash, however, and hit the Chocolate Kamehameha back at Majoob. This turned Majoob into chocolate instead and Baby proceeded to devour him. It was later revealed that Majoob had actually intended for the Chocolate Kamehameha to deflect back at him in order to hurt Vegeta Baby from within.