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The Tsufruians (ツフル人, Tsufuru-jin; FUNimation "Tuffle") are a highly advanced technological race who are believed to be native to Planet Plant before it is taken over by the Saiyans.

Name meaning

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The Japanese name Tsufuru-jin is a pun relating to the Saiyans (who are all named after vegetables). It is a Japanese pronunciation of the English word Fruit (or Furutsu as it would be said in Japanese). The dub name of Tuffles could be linked to Truffles, another food found in the ground akin to a vegetable though strictly speaking not one itself.


A Tsufruian city

Despite their incredible technologies, the Tsufruians were largely a docile race and held no aggression towards each other or other races, nor did they suffer from overpopulation. The Tsufruians, however, lived side by side with another race: the Saiyans. Some sources state that the Saiyans simply evolved alongside the Tsufruians at a similar rate (though the Saiyans and their society were still quite primitive, they were fully sentient), while others indicate that the Saiyans were not native to Planet Plant at all, arriving on a strange starship one day from Planet Saiya. Relationships between the two races was also mixed; the first account (told by King Kai to Son Goku) explains that the Tsufruians lived in their advanced cities in the more fertile areas of Planet Plant, while the Saiyans lived in large tribes out in the badlands, and the two very rarely - if ever - interacted with each other. Dr. Raichi's account (which is also the origin of the "spaceship" story) states that the Tsufruians welcomed the Saiyans with open arms and treated them as equals. Vegeta, however, retorted that Raichi and the entire Tsufruian race treated the Saiyans as slaves.

Saiyan-Tsufruian war

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A Tsufruian soldier combating Saiyans.
Tsufruian soldiers combating Saiyans.

Eventually, regardless of their origins, one Saiyan became dominant amongst the collective tribes; a Saiyan that Dr. Raichi described as having "the cunning of a Tsufruian". This Saiyan was none other than Vegeta's father, and he incited a swift and brutal war against the Tsufruians with the intent of eradicating them entirely. The outcome of many battles was mostly even; though the Saiyans had greater strength, they possessed far fewer numbers, allowing the technological Tsufruians to tip the balance with their advanced weaponry. Unfortunately, the war was brought to a sudden end by the arrival of an event that only occurred on Planet Plant once every 8 years; a full moon.

The entire Saiyan race transformed into their feral Great Ape forms and, in the space of a single night, the Tsufruians were annihilated. Taking what little of the technology that interested them (most notably the scouters and Battle Armor), the Saiyans established their own society amidst the ruins of the Tsufruian civilization, crowning King Vegeta and naming the planet after him, Planet Vegeta.

Following their defeat, the Saiyans met the Arcosians, who paid them to secure a more suitable planet on which to live. Planet Vegeta and the Saiyans were later annexed by Freeza, who drafted them to conquer planets. Later, he would destroy the planet along with the Saiyan race.


Dr. Raichi's spaceship escaping from Planet Plant.

Though the Tsufruians were rendered extinct, traces of their race managed to survive, most notably Dr. Raichi. He died on the same fateful night as the rest of the race, but was resurrected as a Ghost Warrior by his own creation, Hatchiyack – a machine designed to amplify "the power of hate" in order to help the Tsufruians fight back and defeat the Saiyan menace. Both of these creatures were successfully destroyed by the collective might of the remaining Saiyans, Goku, Vegeta, and their descendants. Strangely, though he and the other Tsufruians resembled Humans in flashbacks, Dr. Raichi somewhat resembled Baby in his Ghost Warrior form. The only other survivor was the Tsufruian experiment Baby. Though Baby himself was not an actual Tsufruian, he possessed their genetic information (notably that of the last Tsufruian King), making him a DNA archive for the race. Baby was later killed by Super Saiyan 4 Goku, thus ending the Tsufruians' bloodline.

Known Tsufruians