Monkey Boy

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Monkey Boy (孫 悟空, Sūn Wù-Kōng) is the grandson of Sparkle. Monkey Boy is played by Charles Chen.

He is the live action adaption of Son Goku.


Monkey Boy appeared in Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins. One day after training with his grandfather, Sparkle, on Mount Paozu, Monkey Boy went out to get a Crocodile for them to eat. As he walked home, he was almost ran over by a jeep driven by Seetoe, who ended up being the first girl he had ever seen in his whole life. When he got back to his house, he saw that his Dragon Pearl had been stolen and that his grandfather had been kidnapped. He went with Seetoe to find them using her device that could track Dragon Pearls. While traveling, they were attacked by Malilia, Zebrata, and several other soldiers, who then destroyed Seetoe's jeep and forced them to walk. They met Jade as they walked, who was being chased by a shapeshifter named Piggy. Monkey Boy fought against him and easily beat him. Afterwards, Piggy offered to help them. Next, Monkey Boy met a bandit named Westwood and his bird named Miss Knowwhat. Monkey Boy and Westwood put out an even fight, but Westwood dropped his guard and ran in defeat when Seetoe showed up. Monkey Boy and the others went to the home of Turtle Man to ask for his help in defeating the evil forces who had taken over Jade's Village. When they showed up, Turtle Man told Monkey Boy that Westwood had told him that he wanted to fight him and steal his Dragon Pearl. Monkey Boy said that he did not want to fight and Turtle Man made him step onto the Magic Cloud to show if he was honest. Seeing that the cloud let Monkey Boy on and did not allow Westwood on, Turtle Man gave Monkey Boy the Magic Cloud. After Turtle Man gave them the Dragon Pearls that he and Westwood possesed, the forces of Malilia and Zebrata came to his island, destroyed his house, and took the Dragon Pearls. Monkey Boy had Jade and Seetoe get on the Magic Cloud while Piggy held onto the Magic Pole so they did not get caught in the explosion. Seeing that Turtle Man, Westwood, and Miss Knowwhat had survived the explosion, they decided to all join forces to go to Jade's Village and defeat King Horn, the one responsible for everything. Monkey Boy and Westwood fought against Malilia once they reached the village. After Piggy killed her using a gun, they ran to the castle and engaged in battle against Horn. During the battle, his grandfather was released and Horn resurrected all of the people he had killed earlier. He then made them attack the group. Monkey Boy used the Magic Cloud and attacked Horn while he was using the ray that brought people back to life. After the spell was broken, Horn was defeated by Sparkle and Turtle Man and the Dragon was summoned to restore the village. In the end, Westwood challenged Monkey Boy to another match and he gladly accepted.


  • Monkey Boy knows the skill of Bukujutsu at the beginning of the film whereas Goku does not learn how to fly until late in the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Any hints of him being a Saiyan are completely absent since he has no tail in the film and never transforms into a Great Ape. The film was also released before the point in the manga that explains Goku's origin.