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Jade (珍 珍, Chin Chin) lives in a village with her father and mother. Jade is played by Lee Yee-Kuen.



When her father was about to be given the One-Star Dragon Pearl as a gift for becoming the new ruler of the village, King Horn and his forces arrived and started destroying the village and killing people for the Dragon Pearl. Jade was forced to run away after she saw her parents get killed. Later, she ran away from Piggy, a shapeshifter who was trying to kidnap her and make her his bride, but was saved when Monkey Boy and Seetoe showed up and reformed Piggy and made him join them. Jade and Seetoe showed up in the middle of the battle between Monkey Boy and Westwood, and Westwood ran away. Jade joined Monkey Boy, Seetoe, and Piggy on their quest and they went to see the Turtle Man at his home. While there, they obtained a Dragon Pearl that the Turtle Man made Westwood give to them and one that the Turtle Man gave to them. Two of King Horn's henchmen, Zebrata and Malilia, came to the island and destroyed the Kame House. They then stole the two Dragon Pearls. Jade came with the Turtle Man, Monkey Boy, Seetoe, Piggy, Westwood, and his bird, Miss Knowwhat, to go back to Jade's Village and take out King Horn. After Malilia and Zebrata were both defeated, they challenged King Horn. During the fight, Monkey Boy's grandfather, Sparkle, was released and King Horn resurrected all of the people he had killed to attack Monkey Boy and his friends. Jade's parents were also resurrected and they began to attack Jade, but Monkey Boy saved her when he attacked King Horn making it stop. After King Horn was defeated, the Dragon was summoned and Jade made a wish to bring peace back to her land and have it restored.


  • Jade's character is a hybrid of Penny and Chichi. She is like Chichi because of her appearance, the fact that her village resembles Fire Mountain, and her father is the leader. She is like Penny in terms of her role in the story and the fact that she has no romantic interest for Monkey Boy.
  • The description on the back of the English DVD box lists her name as Chichi.