Oozaru (film character)

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Oozaru (大猿, Ōzaru; Literally meaning "Large Monkey") is an adaptation of the Great Ape, a character/transformation.

He is portrayed by Ian Wyte.



Oozaru appeared in Dragonball: Evolution. Roshi described Oozaru as one of two gods who, along with Lord Piccolo, nearly destroyed Planet Earth two-thousand years prior. The evil reign of Piccolo and his disciple, Oozaru, ended after seven mystics used the Mafūba to seal Piccolo inside of a container. While Oozaru's whereabouts after this were uncertain, a prophecy asserted that he would return during a solar eclipse. Piccolo revealed that during this eclipse, Goku, who had "Traveled by meteor to hide among the vermin until [his] eighteenth birthday." would be reborn as Oozaru. When Piccolo's explanation became true, Goku, as Oozaru, attacked Bulma Briefs, Yamcha, and then Roshi before coming to his senses and regressing back to normal. Goku accepted that Oozaru was inside him, and a battle between he and Piccolo ensued.

Video games

Oozaru makes his first playable appearance in Dragonball: Evolution. In the video game, Oozaru fights against Roshi before fighting against Goku in a space-like environment within Goku's mind.[1]


The original Oozaru before the change of appearance.
The Oozaru action figure with Saiyan-like armor.
  • Unlike in Akira Toriyama's original manga, the transformation in Dragonball: Evolution is triggered by a solar eclipse rather than staring at a full moon, and its user does not require the tail of a Saiyan to transform.
  • The original version of Oozaru looked nothing like the version in the film. This version was even filmed, but when fans found out about it there was so much negative feedback that the studio added in the CG Oozaru. The first version though is in the toy line. If you buy all of the Dragonball: Evolution toys, you get all of the pieces to make Oozaru. This action figure, however, even has a completely different outfit. It appears to be wearing Saiyan Armor.
  • Oozaru would not be considered canon to the manga or the anime because the film has nothing to do with the actual storyline.


Goku in his Oozaru form is stronger then piccolo.This is shown by goku using Oozaru's power in his human form and beating him.