Original Super Saiyan

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"According to legend, the last Super Saiyan could only maintain his status in the transformed state. His power was extraordinary, he had no equal in the universe. But he was too primitive to control it, his rage burned so intensely that it eventually consumed him. In the end, he was destroyed by his own power."
Vegeta in "Goku's New Power"

Original Super Saiyan is an unnamed Saiyan who transforms into a Super Saiyan in a time long before Son Goku attains the form.


Original Super Saiyan

Vegeta stated that the last Super Saiyan appeared a thousand years prior (three thousand in the Westwood dub) to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. The legend of the Super Saiyan was more about the power than the Saiyan who held it. A filler scene in "Goku's New Power" was added and showed the Original Super Saiyan as a Great Ape with yellowish-colored fur instead of the standard brown.[1] The Original Super Saiyan was shown attacking people around him. The filler visual also suggested that the power of the Original Super Saiyan destroyed the planet that he was on. The Super Saiyan form was believed to be a myth until Vegeta began to suspect that Son Goku was a Super Saiyan after he saw Goku easily defeat the Ginyu Special Corps on Planet Namek, thus witnessing his drastic increase in power in a short period of time. Vegeta's suspicions were not confirmed until later when Goku transformed during his fight against Freeza and stated himself that he was a Super Saiyan.


  • Crushing in Hands – Original Super Saiyan uses his hands to crush people in Vegeta's story.
  • Golden Great Ape Transformation – The filler scene shows Original Super Saiyan as what looks to be a Great Ape with yellowish-colored fur, therefore it may be the Golden Great Ape transformation.
  • Self-Destruction – Original Super Saiyan is shown exploding with the planet he is on at the end of the filler scene.
  • Super Saiyan – Original Super Saiyan turns into a Super Saiyan a thousand years prior to the beginning of Dragon Ball Z and is the last Super Saiyan to reach the form until Goku transforms on Planet Namek.


Golden Great Ape transformation
  • Vegeta's monologue about the Super Saiyan informs the audience of the legend in Dragon Ball. Unlike the anime, however, the monologue in the manga is not accompanied by a visual account.
  • The Golden Great Ape transformation created for Dragon Ball GT looks similar to Original Super Saiyan's appearance in Vegeta's flashback. The resemblance has led some to believe that Original Super Saiyan utilizes the Golden Great Ape form.
  • In the FUNimation dub, it is said that Original Super Saiyan is only able to maintain power in the transformed state. This information is not present, however, in the manga, in the Japanese dub, or Dragon Ball Z Kai.
  • Contrary to Bardock, who transforms into a Super Saiyan on Planet Plant and is only seen in this form by Plants and Chirudo, Original Super Saiyan transforms on the original Saiyan homeworld among other Saiyans. Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock explains Freeza's fear of the Saiyans as Chirudo passes his knowledge of Super Saiyans to his descendants, while the Original Super Saiyan legend explains the Saiyans' knowledge of Super Saiyans.