Bulma Leigh

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Bulma Leigh is the mother of Vegeta Junior.


Dragon Ball GT

Bulma Leigh appeared in "Until We Meet Again...". She was at the Tenkaichi Tournament cheering on her son.

In FUNimation's 2nd remastered boxset, her name was stated to be Bulma Leigh in the credits after the DBGT finale. Being descended from the Brief family, she strongly resembled her great-grandmother, Bulma Brief, in face and hair color (though her actual hair texture appeared to be spikier like that of a Saiyan as opposed to the naturally straight, flat-lying hair typical of the Briefs family), however, it was never specified if she was descended through Bra Brief or Trunks Brief. She was revealed to be the president of Capsule Corporation and did not know Son Pan, which suggested that the descendants of Son Goku and Vegeta had grown apart as the years passed.

Data books

The Dragon Ball GT: Pāfekuto Fairu stated that she was 30 years old, meaning that she was born in 859 Age.

Voice actors


  • Bulma Leigh bears a resemblance to Bra and both are voiced by Parisa Fakhri.