Battle on Planet Namek

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Battle on Planet Namek, or War on Namek, is the name given to the conflict waged by the Namekians, Z Warriors, and Vegeta against Freeza and his elite generals, Zarbon and Dodoria, the Ginyu Special Corps, and numerous other soldiers in Freeza's Force.


Journey to Planet Namek

Freeza, Zarbon, and Dodoria gathering the Dragon Balls.
Kewie advancing against Vegeta and Vegeta dodging the oncoming thrust.
Kewie's Scouter exploding after Vegeta's battle power skyrockets.
Kewie being mercilessly executed by Vegeta after trying to escape.

Vegeta, after being seriously injured in his fight with Goku and the others, returns to Planet Freeza No. 79 to regenerate himself using a rejuvenation tank. After fully recovering, Vegeta feels stronger than ever, as Saiyans have the unusual ability to reach higher power levels after healing from near death experiences. His self proclaimed rival, Cui, informs Vegeta that his former boss, Freeza, was initially angry at Vegeta going to Earth and violating orders but decided to forgive him when he overheard the conversation between he and Nappa about the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek. (The scouters also served as a transmitter, which Freeza used to overhear their conversation) Furious about the consequences of Freeza being immortal, Vegeta rushes to Planet Namek himself, now openly declaring himself an enemy of Freeza.

After Krillin, Son Gohan, and Bulma land on Planet Namek, they are followed by two pods. One belongs to Vegeta and the other to Cui. Freeza is already on Planet Namek and is collecting the Dragon Balls alongside his top generals, Zarbon and Dodoria, in order to obtain his wish for immortality. Vegeta has openly betrayed Freeza by going against his orders. Cui locates Vegeta with his Scouter and heads off in his direction. Now that he has permission from Freeza, he can finally settle their rivalry.

Krillin and Gohan debate whether they should stay on Planet Namek where it is dangerous or leave with Bulma and come back to use the Dragon Balls when they are next available. Before they can decide, Gohan senses a power coming their way. Taking defensive positions, Gohan and Krillin wait to see who it is. On the other side of a rock, a pair of scouts sent by Zarbon touch down and begin looking around. Krillin hopes they are Namekians. When the scouts come around the rock, they see what they think are tourists who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are under orders to kill everyone on the planet, which includes them.

Gohan and Krillin also realize they aren't dealing with the Namekians, and are surprised that the battle armor worn by the scouts are similar to the ones worn by the Saiyans. But they are not Saiyans, confusing Krillin even further. The two scouts laugh at their power levels, then blast a hole through their ship to keep them from escaping. Krillin tells Gohan to release his power, and the two of them power up, easily defeating the two scouts. However, Bulma is worried the damage to the ship is too extensive to repair. Due to the fact that their ship is now wrecked, they have no means of getting off the planet. Zarbon has followed the scuffle with his scouter and advises Frieza about their scouts encountering an unknown force on the planet, each of their powers at approximately 1,500. Frieza concludes that they aren't too much cause for concern.

After locating the traitorous Saiyan, Cui advances against him, but Vegeta dodges the oncoming thrust, leaving Cui to turn to his opponent with a sadistic smile. He taunts Vegeta about his low power level, and Vegeta declares he has something to show him. It seems that during his fight on Earth, Vegeta learned by observation how to control his power level the same way the Earthlings did. He starts to power up, and Cui's scouter registers the rise in energy, finally exploding at around 22,000. Zarbon's scouter explodes at the same time that Cui's explodes. Zarbon tells Dodoria to confirm Vegeta's power and Dodoria uses his scouter to do so. Dodoria is surprised to admit that Vegeta's power reading is at 24,000.

Vegeta explains that he has been actively seeking out battles, keeping his skills sharp and learning new techniques, while Cui has mostly stayed at Frieza's side and out of harm's way. Overwhelmed by Vegeta's power, Cui proposes a truce, but Vegeta continues to advance. Cui then decides to trick Vegeta by shifting his attention and tells Vegeta that Freeza is standing right behind him. Caught off guard, Vegeta turns to look, and Cui attacks him from behind with a relentless volley of energy blasts. Cui thinks that he's won and begins to laugh about his victory. However, when the smoke clears, Vegeta, standing opposite of Cui, explains to him his failure for a choice of strategy. He then tells Cui that he won't be walking away from this mistake. Terrified, Cui tries to run, stumbling on the ground and staring back at Vegeta as he tries to dash away. Vegeta's new-found speed overtakes him easily as he dashes after Cui and reappears in front of him. Vegeta then slams Cui right in the gut, sending him sprawling into the sky before ruthlessly eliminating him by making him explode in midair.

After Cui is executed, Zarbon and Dodoria have tracked the outcome with their scouters and express concern about Vegeta's increased power level. Frieza comforts them by explaining how powerful he is and how Vegeta is still insignificant in comparison to him. He tells them they need to locate all the Namekian villages, since that is their priority in order to obtain all the Dragon Balls.

Battlefield Namek

Zarbon ruthlessly executing Namekians as an example.
Dodoria's Scouter being blasted by Moori.
Dodoria ruthlessly eliminating a Namekian by piercing his back.
Dodoria swiftly jabbing Moori in the face with his elbow.
Dodoria brutally snapping Moori's neck.
Dodoria preparing to kill Dende.
Dodoria pursuing Dende, Gohan, and Kuririn in midair.
Dodoria unleashing a massive blast in an attempt to obliterate the entire area below.
Vegeta proving his increased Saiyan might to Dodoria.
Dodoria being ruthlessly executed by Vegeta after trying to flee.
Vegeta ruthlessly bashing into a Namekian's skull.

Back at a Namekian village, the Namekians are being interrogated by Freeza, Zarbon, and Dodoria for their Dragon Balls. One of the other Namekian elders says that no Namekian would ever give a Dragon Ball to someone like Freeza. Lamenting that they underestimate his powers of persuasion, Freeza commands Zarbon to kill one of them as an example. Zarbon leaps over and elegantly kicks the third elder in the neck, sending him sprawling to his death. The second elder, enraged, moves to attack Zarbon, despite elder Moori's attempt to stop him. Zarbon tosses up one of the Dragon Balls he's holding, and dodges the Elder's Ki blast, which hits and kills one of Freeza's other soldiers instead. Zarbon then kills the elder with a huge Ki Blast of his own. Zarbon gracefully returns to Freeza's side and brilliantly catches the Dragon Ball he threw into the sky.

A trio of young Namekians arrives, the ones who had been working in the fields. Moori is visibly relieved, while Frieza looks unconcerned. Suddenly, Frieza's men begin to run at the Namekians together. They are all simultaneously eliminated by the young Namekians. As the Namekians continue killing the soldiers, Zarbon turns and asks Dodoria to reread their power levels. Dodoria does so, and is astonished to find that their reading is now 3,000. Frieza laughs and says he's impressed, while Dodoria complains that the Namekians tricked them.

Moori fires a Ki Blast from his fingertip and blows Dodoria's scouter off his face. Dodoria, at this point, is boiling with anger. Screaming that he will butcher the Namekians and show no mercy, he flies up at Moori. As Dodoria rushes up through the air towards Moori, the Namekian Elder, Freeza yells for him to stop. He wants him to kill the three young warriors, first. Annoyed, Dodoria jumps down to where the three are, and and asks who wants to die first. The caped Namekian says they outnumber him, and Dodoria just laughs and says he can handle twelve of them.

Dodoria then appears behind him and punches into the Namekian's back, his fist coming out of his chest. The other Namekian rushes Dodoria, but is elbowed in the gut. After pulling his arm free of the caped Namekian's corpse, Dodoria turns and kills the stunned one with a mouth-blast, whilst the others look on in horror. Another Namekian gives him a little more trouble, though, dodging all of his punches and putting some distance between himself and Dodoria before hurling an enormous ki blast that creates a massive explosion. This seemingly stuns Dodoria, and the Namekian breathes a sigh of relief.

Watching from a cliff, Gohan and Krillin wonder if this did the trick, but then Dodoria emerges unscathed from the crater and kills the final Namekian by headbutting him into a cliff and crushing his chest. Dodoria further demonstrates his anger for the destruction of the scouters by elbowing the Moori in the face, completely toppling him over. Zarbon, impatient, tells Frieza they don't need Moori's help to find the rest of the villages. Frieza tells Zarbon he is accurate, which means Dodoria can proceed to execute both Moori and the Namekian children, Dende and Cargo. Dodoria fires a mouth-blast at him... but it goes over his shoulder and hits the fleeing Cargo in the back, instead. The child dies instantly.

Gohan and Krillin are horrified. Dende cries and tries in vain to revive his brother, and Moori, distracted by this, is open to attack from Dodoria, who punches him in the face, then moves so quickly, it seems as if he's splitting into three versions of himself, only one of which is the real Dodoria. Moori becomes confused. The two illusions disappear and the real Dodoria appears behind the old Namekian and seizes him by the head, gripping him furthermore while wrestling and strangulating him before snapping his neck with a sharp twist. Dodoria allows Moori's dead, lifeless body to drop to the ground.

A thoroughly traumatized Dende turns and tries to run away, while Dodoria laughs and easily cuts off the boy's escape. He raises his hand to strike him... and Gohan, having had all he can stand of Dodoria's cruelty, explodes in rage and screams at the top of his lungs for all of it to stop. Frieza and his men couldn't be more surprised as Gohan leaps down from the cliff and kicks Dodoria in the face, knocking the huge henchman through a house. With a scream, Dodoria takes to the air and begins pursuing the Earthlings. He catches up to them quickly.

After losing track of the three meddlers due to a Solar Flare technique pulled off by Krillin, Dodoria scours the area, trying to locate Krillin, Gohan, and the young Namekian, Dende. However, he begins to run out of patience as they continue to hide. Krillin says that they should lay low until he decides to give up and leave. Unable to locate the hiding Z Fighters, a furious Dodoria launches a massive blast from the air that obliterates everything in the area below. Dodoria laughs, thinking that he has succeeded in eliminating the meddling Earthlings.

As Dodoria makes his way back to the Namekian village to rejoin his comrades, he is again blindsided and knocked into the water below. Dodoria plummets deep into the water before picking himself up to see that this time his attacker is Vegeta. Vegeta explains that he had been waiting for Dodoria to get separated from Frieza and Zarbon so he could tear him limb from limb. Vegeta then states that his power has increased and that Dodoria should be well aware of this as he must have sensed his power increase from his prior battle with Cui. He then declares that Dodoria is afraid of his power. Dodoria begins to panic and takes a few steps back before remembering his conversation with Zarbon about Vegeta's deadly Saiyan potential to increase his might after every near-death experience. Dodoria doesn't want to believe this and gets enraged out of his frustration. He begins to relentlessly blast at Vegeta nonstop.

After the smoke clears, Vegeta quickly appears behind Dodoria and twists him around, grabbing his arms in a tight grip and pulling them back forcefully. Vegeta declares that Dodoria is no match for his new-found abilities. Dodoria begins to beg for his life and tells Vegeta that he will reveal the secret of his Saiyan home planet's destruction if he spares him. Vegeta releases him from his grip and demands that Dodoria tell him immediately. Dodoria then reveals that the Planet Vegeta was not destroyed by meteoric collision, as everyone believed, but was destroyed by Frieza.

Dodoria explains that Frieza feared the power of the Saiyans and that he had to do something in order to avoid future uprisings. And as a result, the Saiyan race was eliminated along with their home planet and the leader of the Saiyans as well as Vegeta's father, King Vegeta. Vegeta is shocked by this news, but reveals that he no longer cares about the fate of his planet, his father, or his race. He states that he is upset at how he allowed Frieza, Zarbon and Dodoria to control and abuse him for all those years. Dodoria realizes Vegeta's even more enraged and tries to run for his life by jolting into the sky and yelling for his master. However, the ruthless and disloyal Saiyan is unimpressed by Dodoria's attempt to escape, and mercilessly finishes him off with a single energy blast. Vegeta is seen overjoyed by his own increase in strength, which has allowed him to eliminate the proud and elite Dodoria.

Vegeta is later seen attacking a Namekian village to obtain the Dragon Ball there. Some of the Namekians begin to surround him out of anger, since he struck down one of their brethren prior. Vegeta continues to tear into the Namekians, slamming one directly in his skull, killing him. The village elder is kneeling on the ground beside the deceased Namekian. He diverts his attention to Vegeta and calls him a savage for killing his fellow Namekians. Vegeta tells him it's just down to the two of them now. He asks if the old Namekian is prepared to tell him the location of the Dragon Ball. The Namekian refuses and Vegeta turns away to search for the ball in the Namekian houses. As the old Namekian gathers some breath to speak, Vegeta slowly turns around and releases a huge blast, mercilessly obliterating the innocent Namekian. Vegeta then walks into a Namekian house to find the Dragon Ball sitting on top of a cushion pillow. He proceeds to pick up the ball and brings it in front of the lake by the village. Vegeta tosses the Dragon Ball into the lake, since only he'd know the location of the ball and Frieza wouldn't be able to locate it as he doesn't have any way to detect it. This would prevent Frieza from collecting all seven and as long as Vegeta has one Dragon Ball, there's no way for Frieza to summon the dragon. Vegeta confirms to himself that there's one more ball to be found and swiftly dashes in another direction in the sky in order to obtain it.

Vegeta vs. Zarbon

Zarbon notifying Freeza that their comrade Dodoria should have returned.
Zarbon performing a concentrated palm blast at Vegeta, whom manages to deflect the blast.
Zarbon surprising Vegeta with his beastly transformation.
Zarbon brutally and repeatedly headbutting Vegeta.
Zarbon ramming his knee into Vegeta's gut.
Zarbon performing an aerial back-flip at Vegeta's face.
Zarbon grabs Vegeta in a choke hold before pile-driving him into the ground.
Zarbon retrieving Vegeta's battered body in order to heal him for further interrogation.
Appule is shocked to see Vegeta has recovered so soon.
Vegeta executes Appule and steps on his corpse after exploding out from the rejuvenation chamber.
Zarbon dodging a fiery inferno from an explosion caused by Vegeta.
Vegeta creates a diversion and infiltrates Frieza's throne room to steal the Dragon Balls.
Freeza telling Zarbon that he has one hour to retrieve the Dragon Balls and Vegeta.
Vegeta spotting Krillin flying at high speed with another Dragon Ball.
Zarbon pursuing Vegeta and Krillin.
As Vegeta speeds after Krillin, he realizes he's being pursued by Zarbon.
Zarbon attacking Vegeta with a slew of kicks.
Zarbon realizing that Vegeta is stronger than before.
Zarbon unleashes his rage against Vegeta.
Zarbon is enraged and decides to fight to the bitter end.
Vegeta ruthlessly rams his fist clean through Zarbon's stomach.
Vegeta brutally blasts through Zarbon's stomach, sending him to a watery grave.

Tired of waiting for Dodoria to return, Frieza commands his top henchman, Zarbon, to go and find the remaining Dragon Balls. While Zarbon and the last surviving soldier, Appule scour the skies in opposite directions in order to search for Namekian villages, Krillin and Dende go on a trip to locate elder Guru's house, who holds the last Dragon Ball.

Zarbon is seen tearing through the Namekian skies as he continues his search for the Dragon Balls. He is still annoyed that their scouters were destroyed, making it greatly harder to track down the remaining villages. He notices a powerful energy approaching him and realizes that it's Vegeta. The two forces of Zarbon and Vegeta collide as they are bounced back from the energy that is emitted from their aura. Vegeta greets Zarbon and tells him that he has already disposed of Dodoria, and now plans to do the same to him. Zarbon becomes surprised with this prospect and finds it hard to believe, saying that he is lying. Zarbon warns Vegeta, telling him he should know better than to disobey Frieza. Vegeta states that Dodoria also knew of his immense strength, and before he died, he revealed everything about Frieza's fear of the Saiyans, concluding that Frieza must also fear him. Zarbon tells Vegeta not to flatter himself because what Frieza feared was a union of the entire Saiyan race rising up against him. Zarbon states that all alone, Vegeta would be no threat to anyone.

Vegeta pronounces that there's only one way to find out as he disappears and phases directly behind Zarbon. Zarbon reciprocates by instinctively punching at Vegeta, who proceeds to block his punch by gripping his hand. As Vegeta snickers, he tosses Zarbon into the sky, sending him sprawling. Zarbon gets a grip as he quickly recovers in midair. After phasing farther away, Zarbon grips one arm with the other and delivers a direct pinpointed palm blast at Vegeta. The huge blast quickly approaches Vegeta, who proceeds to knock it away, deflecting it with his hand. The blast leaves a tremendous explosion on the ground below and debris flies all over as Zarbon becomes amazed at Vegeta's improved speed and skill, stating that Vegeta has surprised him. Vegeta punches Zarbon directly in the face, stunning him. Zarbon retaliates with a flurry of rapid kicks. Vegeta still manages to dodge all his attacks and appear above Zarbon. He then flips and rams Zarbon downward, sending him into the ground.

Zarbon grips the ground as he slams down and Vegeta appears behind him, surprising Zarbon, only to kick him once again. Zarbon is pushed forward as he bites into the dirt. Vegeta begins to laugh uncontrollably, declaring that he's proved his point. However, instead of acknowledging defeat, Zarbon begins to snicker with an elegant tone. Zarbon is still on his knees and is facing the ground as Vegeta's smile fades and Zarbon's smile becomes apparent. Zarbon turns to face Vegeta, slowly raising his head. Zarbon tells Vegeta that he truly impresses him and that his fighting skills have come a long way since the last time they met, but not quite far enough.

Zarbon tells Vegeta that beauty is only skin deep and that he has only seen his beauty thus far. He says that he'd much rather not transform but will do so if it is necessary. The handsome Zarbon elegantly flicks his long hair as the wind hits his face. This triggers Vegeta's curiosity, who dares Zarbon to transform. After warning Vegeta, Zarbon transforms into a musclebound and beastly reptilian state, completely shocking Vegeta. Vegeta is left in utter and complete shock. Zarbon introduces Vegeta to his gruesome form, and states that he saw the beauty side of him before and now with great pleasure, will introduce him to the beast. Zarbon begins a furious assault on Vegeta, beating him down with multiple powerful attacks. Zarbon knees Vegeta in the stomach and kicks Vegeta's face into the air, before grabbing him by the leg, and nailing him to the ground. Zarbon then raises him up to brutally and relentlessly headbutt him repeatedly countless times.

Krillin and Dende sense the enormous power that is coming from Zarbon and Vegeta's battle. Zarbon continues beating the life out of Vegeta, throwing him into the sky and tossing him around like a rag doll. Zarbon collides with Vegeta in midair with countless swift punches and kicks, until finally giving him the chance to fight back, although Vegeta doesn't land a single hit. Vegeta continues to battle Zarbon, who is still making sport of the Saiyan and giving him a serious beating. Vegeta tries to blast, only to have it knocked away and receive a flurry of blasts from Zarbon, which he barely dodges and is toppled on the ground as a result. Zarbon knocks him through an entire mountain and mocks him, telling him that he shouldn't have been so cocky and reminds him of the futility of his attempts. Zarbon performs a few more relentless attacks, including bashing Vegeta's stomach and propelling himself into the sky with back-flip kicks, with Vegeta's jaw on the receiving end.

Zarbon gets Vegeta in a choke hold and states that he's tired of toying with the arrogant Saiyan. As he's preparing to finish him, Vegeta struggles to get free from Zarbon's deadly grip. He barely and briefly manages to escape Zarbon's onslaught. Zarbon quickly recovers and grabs him by the hair before slapping his face around. He then pummels him by the head, sending him plummeting below at high velocity. Zarbon appears behind Vegeta in midair and grabs him, performing a headfirst pile-driver and tossing him into the ground, creating a massive crater using Vegeta's body. He then bids sweet dreams to the battered prince.

The bruised and battered Vegeta emerges from the water, and declares that he has survived from a near-death experience, swearing to collect the Dragon Balls and angrily promises to acquire vengeance against Zarbon and Frieza before fainting from exhaustion.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Dende reach Guru's house and proceed to meet Nail, who leads them to Guru. Guru gives Krillin the Dragon Ball and unlocks his hidden potential. Krillin becomes overjoyed at the prospect of having such hidden strength and dashes back in order to get Gohan so his potential can be unlocked in the same manner.

Zarbon returns to Frieza and enters the room. Freeza aks Zarbon if he found the village and he says he hasn't, but instead, he ran into Vegeta. Frieza asks if he knows for a fact that Vegeta is dead and becomes annoyed that Zarbon did not confirm whether or not Vegeta was dead and tells Zarbon that it was careless to not check on his enemy's body and it was also careless for him to try and kill Vegeta to begin with since the Saiyan may have found a Dragon Ball and hidden it. Zarbon apologizes and says he will go back to look for his body.

Frieza orders Appule to summon the Ginyu Force, the most powerful elite mercenary squadron. Frieza says that they'd better not forget to bring scouters with them. Frieza says he'll be expecting them in five days. After Appule has left, Zarbon is still in shock over Frieza's decision to contact the Ginyu Force. Zarbon asks Frieza if he's sure that's necessary as there's no telling what they'll do once they get to Namek. Zarbon tells Frieza that he has the situation under control and can handle it without them. Frieza says he has a feeling they'll be needing help. Zarbon asks him if there's something he needs to know about. Frieza tells Zarbon that he destroyed the Saiyan's planet because he felt that if left unchecked, the Saiyans would one day pose a serious threat. Frieza says it's beginning to look like he was right all along.

Zarbon is sent to bring back his battered body for questioning. As Zarbon dashes out of the ship, he thinks to himself. Zarbon knows that if Frieza is contacting the Ginyu Force, he isn't taking any chances. As Vegeta faints from exhaustion, Zarbon is seen rapidly flying in the sky. Zarbon sees Vegeta's battered body on the ground and makes a stop landing next to him. He then inspects the Saiyan's body, stating that he's alive after all. Zarbon says that it's a lucky thing for him, but not so lucky for Vegeta, since he'll have to be interrogated. Zarbon says he's going to have so much fun making Vegeta talk. He yanks Vegeta's body off the ground and raises him, dragging the Saiyan through the sky and back to Frieza's ship.

In Frieza's ship, Zarbon and Appule are seen, carefully watching Vegeta, who has now been placed in a rejuvenation chamber to heal and be brought back from the brink of death. As he grips his own arms, Zarbon tells Appule to notify him when Vegeta is better because he wants Vegeta to be healthy before he begins torturing him.

Appule says that Frieza isn't going to be happy and at this rate, Vegeta won't recover. Appule declares that the mighty Saiyan Vegeta may not be so mighty after all. Appule then says that he hopes Vegeta will pull out alive because he's really going to enjoy watching Zarbon torture him to death. As Appule continues to laugh, Vegeta opens his eyes, which completely leaves Appule in shock. The rejuvenation chamber begins to light up with energy as Appule steps backward.

Vegeta is then seen stepping on Appule's now-deceased corpse, stating that his enemies keep underestimating the true powers of a Saiyan. Vegeta blasts a hole through the room, causing another explosion. This diverts Zarbon and Frieza's attention and Zarbon says that the sound came from the recovery room. Frieza tells him to hurry and Zarbon runs to the room, opening the steel door and peeking inside. The entire rejuvenation room is in shambles and this leaves Zarbon in complete shock.

They are unaware that Vegeta is still inside the ship and has created a diversion on purpose just to get them away from the throne room. Frieza tells Zarbon that if he doesn't find him, he will have to face the consequences. Vegeta runs to the throne room to find all the Dragon Balls intact. Vegeta declares that Frieza has left his Dragon Balls unguarded and has made his last mistake.

Zarbon searches the Namek skies for Vegeta, swearing to rip him to pieces. Frieza tells Zarbon he will hold him responsible for Vegeta's escape if he is unsuccessful in locating the Saiyan. As Zarbon continues to hover outside, Vegeta can be seen inside Frieza's spaceship. He has successfully entered Frieza's throne room and takes the opportunity to steal Frieza's Dragon Balls. Vegeta gathers the Dragon Balls and swiftly tosses them out of the ship, using the same amount of strength in order to ensure they land close to each other, although very far from Frieza's ship. Zarbon says the blast came from a certain direction as Frieza realizes Vegeta must be going after the Dragon Balls and panics. They both run to the throne room to find that the Dragon Balls are missing.

Zarbon's desperation is heightened as he convinces himself that Vegeta could not have gone very far. As Zarbon kneels with respect to his master, Frieza tells him to stop apologizing and get his act together. Zarbon feels shameful and doesn't want to disappoint Frieza, coupled with the fact that he doesn't want to fail his mission or lose his life as a result of his failure. Frieza blames the entire situation on Zarbon for allowing Vegeta to escape with the Dragon Balls. He then warns Zarbon that he now has only one hour to retrieve Vegeta and the Dragon Balls, bashing his tail into the ground and striking fear into the heart of his elite right-hand man. Zarbon promises to succeed and flies out of the ship in search of the treacherous and disloyal Saiyan. Krillin is seen flying high-speed, telling himself that it won't be long now until he gets back to Bulma and Gohan. Vegeta sees Krillin and begins to chase him. Vegeta refers to Krillin as a worm as he's chasing his prey and continues to fly right after him. Zarbon is still furious over Vegeta's escape and is scouring the skies in search of the Saiyan traitor. Just then, Zarbon notices a ray of light swiftly zooming in the sky. At first, he assumes that it's Vegeta. But then he realizes that it's Krillin and remembers how Krillin was responsible for saving Dende alongside Gohan. As Zarbon contemplates the situation, he notices that it is none other than Vegeta himself who is quickly following Krillin. He promises that Vegeta is not getting away and dashes after him at full speed.

A sequence of Vegeta chasing Krillin and Zarbon chasing Vegeta is illustrated as they dash through the Namek skies. Vegeta then recognizes that he's being followed and is convinced that it's Zarbon. He says to himself that he will overcome his opponent since he has become stronger from getting beaten and that the overconfident Zarbon is unaware of his Saiyan genes, which enable him to become exponentially more powerful after every near-death experience. Krillin returns to Bulma and asks of Gohan's whereabouts and she tells him that he went off to find another Dragon Ball, which happens to be the one that Vegeta had hidden.

Just then, Krillin senses a huge power level approaching. Vegeta appears on the scene. Both Krillin and Bulma are left in complete shock and fear from seeing him. Krillin curses his inability to sense that he was being followed due to his being excited over his new-found strength. Vegeta quickly demands that Krillin hand over the Dragon Ball and not do anything stupid. He also recommends that they don't try to escape or they'd suffer the consequences. As Vegeta turns around and states that they have company, Zarbon appears, elegantly rotating in the air before gracefully landing with one leg on the ground and flicking his long hair backwards. Bulma is knocked out by his appearance and quickly finds herself attracted to Zarbon, stating that with his brawny good looks, he's likely here to rescue them from Vegeta. Krillin knows all too well what evil Zarbon is capable of and tells her that she doesn't even know the half of it.

Krillin and Bulma's enthusiasm is cut short as they are caught in between Vegeta and Zarbon, and their desires to obtain the Dragon Balls. Bulma openly admits her attraction for Zarbon, the handsome elite. Krillin tells Bulma that he doesn't think Zarbon's here for a date. Krillin tells her to snap out of it and Bulma is completely swayed by Zarbon's charm, wondering if Zarbon has even noticed her. Zarbon asks whether Vegeta has joined forces with the Earthlings. At this point, Bulma starts yelling at Zarbon, thanking him for coming to rescue her. Zarbon states that the Earthlings don't concern him and that he's only interested in locating the rest of the Dragon Balls.

As Zarbon brings himself to dash at the arrogant Vegeta with a slew of kicks, Vegeta dodges Zarbon's swift legs and speeds into the sky as Zarbon looks up to revert his attention before quickly following him. Bulma states that Zarbon is her hero as she watches the elegant warrior dash after Vegeta. Although she hasn't fully grasped the situation, Krillin recognizes the amount of danger they're in.

Vegeta launches a flurry of blasts at Zarbon from above, but Zarbon dodges them all. He then appears behind Vegeta and launches another blast at him, which Vegeta tosses aside. Zarbon gets in a punch at Vegeta's face as the blast hits the ground and Bulma and Krillin are stunned. Krillin and Bulma try to run away as Vegeta quickly turns and launches a bunch of blasts in front of them, stopping them dead in their tracks, while Zarbon tries to hit him. Vegeta dodges an oncoming blast and reappears behind Zarbon to kick him down to the ground. Zarbon flips and lands on his knees as he turns to face his opponent.

Zarbon then concentrates to remember how Frieza had warned him. A flashback is seen of how Frieza told him to stop apologizing and start doing things right. He then remembers how Frieza said he has only one hour to bring back Vegeta and recover the Dragon Balls. Zarbon's internal emotional struggle envelops him. For this warrior, failure is not an option and Frieza's command is his purpose of survival. Out of his fear of his own master, and the opponent he's now facing, Zarbon finds himself in between a rock and a hard place, increasing his desperation. Zarbon then senses he has little time and angrily charges at Vegeta again, who manages to dodge him and slowly ascend to the sky. Zarbon notes to himself that Vegeta is stronger than before.

Zarbon then comes to grips with the situation, and since he's run out of options, decides to transform into his beastly reptilian form. As Zarbon's muscles bulge and his body erupts with scales, his face becomes demonic as he stares upward before yanking himself off the ground and speedily after Vegeta. The ground shatters as Zarbon takes off. Vegeta lands again and grabs some dirt from the ground as Zarbon attacks him. Vegeta dodges the attack, going upward once more as Zarbon bashes his fist into the ground. Zarbon relentlessly hurries after him and Vegeta lets the dirt fall into Zarbon's eyes. This completely annoys and temporarily blinds Zarbon, as he struggles to see. Vegeta takes this opportunity to appear behind him and bash right through the back of his armor, sending him sprawling. Zarbon recovers and turns around with a furious stare. Vegeta appears above him and knocks him into the water below. He then proceeds to blast at Zarbon mercilessly while he's underwater.

Zarbon launches himself out of the water and collides with Vegeta in a rapid succession of kicks and punches. Then they both drop to the ground. Zarbon's armor is now battle-damaged and his cape is missing. Zarbon is boiling with rage as he is snarling at Vegeta, telling him that he's dead. Vegeta tells Zarbon to face the fact that he has become far stronger. Vegeta then tells Zarbon to start begging him to spare his life. Zarbon laughs at Vegeta's remark and tells him that he'll crush his skull, and shut his smart mouth once and for all. Vegeta tells Zarbon that the first and last mistake he made was to underestimate the power of a Saiyan. Zarbon is angry out of frustration as Vegeta tells him that Saiyans become stronger after every near death experience.

Zarbon then declares that he doesn't care how powerful Vegeta has become and that he'll never defeat him while he's in his transformed state. Vegeta laughs at this assertion as Zarbon furiously runs at Vegeta. Vegeta yells out that he can win while Zarbon is in any form and the two collide once more. In this quick exchange of blows, Vegeta now gets the upper hand, relentlessly punching Zarbon all over his face before performing an uppercut and ruthlessly slamming his fist clean through Zarbon's stomach. As Vegeta's fist is jammed into Zarbon's belly, blood drips out from the severe injury. Zarbon is gripping onto Vegeta's head as Vegeta continues to keep his fist inside the reptilian brute's stomach. Bulma is scared of the whole situation and screams. Zarbon then tells Vegeta that he was only following orders and asks for mercy. Vegeta tells Zarbon that he's begging for his life, after all. Zarbon asks Vegeta to spare him, and they could team up to take down Frieza together. Vegeta then angrily compiles his energy into his fist and blasts directly through Zarbon's stomach. The blast erupts out from Zarbon's back, breaking through him completely and sending him flying into the air. Zarbon is seen being jolted into the sky before falling directly into his watery grave.

Vegeta is extremely overjoyed at finally having obtained what he believes to be the final Dragon Ball from Krillin, who obliges to give him the ball out of his own frustration. Vegeta says that all that remains now is calling forth the dragon and making his wish for immortality, making him the supreme ruler of the universe. He then states that Frieza will die and speeds off into the sky. Gohan is seen flying with the Dragon Ball, hoping to avoid allowing the Dragon Ball to fall into Vegeta's clutches.

The Ginyu Special Corps

The Ginyu Special Corps arriving.
Vegeta joining forces with Gohan and Krillin.
Guldo becoming frustrated when his comrades rush him to defeat their opponents.
Ghurd paralyzing Gohan and Krillin.
Gohan and Krillin struggling to move.
Vegeta ruthlessly severing Ghurd's head with a sneak attack from behind.
Guldo's head being decapitated as a result of Vegeta's attack.
Recoome's Scouter going haywire due to Vegeta's enormous battle power.
Vegeta smashing Recoome in the face.
Vegeta powerfully nailing Recoome to the ground.
Vegeta sending Recoome into the mountains before unleashing a relentless attack.
Recoome standing barely scathed after taking the full force of Vegeta's assault.
Recoome nailing Vegeta with a kick to the chin.
Vegeta collidingwith Recoome as he unleashes a relentless attack against the brute.
Vegeta slamming Recoome in the stomach while in midair.
Recoome unleashing the Eraser Gun mouth blast at Vegeta.
Vegeta dodging Recoome's impact as the brute smashes into the ground.
Recoome pulverizing Krillin with a single kick.
Gohan barely managing to yank Vegeta out of the way from Recoome's devastating blast.
Vegeta ruthlessly executing Butta by stepping on his neck, fatally wounding him, and proceeding to eliminate the unconscious Recoome.
Ginyu wanting to face Goku after Jheese alerts him of the threat.

After eliminating Frieza's top Commanders, Vegeta collides with Gohan and Krillin. However, the Ginyu Force (Captain Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, and Guldo) have arrived on planet Namek and Frieza orders them to retrieve the Namekian Dragon Balls, bring Vegeta back to him alive, and kill any others that get in their way. Meanwhile, Vegeta sensed the arrival of the Ginyu Force and forges an alliance with Gohan and Krillin, all three deciding that their only chance of survival is to wish for Vegeta's immortality with the Dragon Balls (Vegeta had six and Gohan and Krillin had the last one).

Out in space, Goku continues his journey to planet Namek in a spaceship that Dr. Brief made for him. While en route, Goku uses a machine installed on the ship to increase the gravity within the ship to help him train under large amounts of gravity, starting at 20 times Earth's normal gravity and eventually working his way up to 100 times Earth's normal gravity.

Meanwhile, back on planet Namek, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin race back to where Vegeta was keeping six Dragon Balls. They are about to wish for Vegeta's immortality when suddenly, the Ginyu Force arrives. Terrified, Vegeta attempts to toss one of the Dragon Balls by throwing it far off into the sea, but Burter uses his incredible speed to catch it in midair.

Vegeta then desperately orders Krillin to destroy the Dragon Ball he is holding so that Frieza cannot make his wish for immortality. But before Krillin can destroy it, Guldo freezes time and snatches the Dragon Ball out of his hands. Outmaneuvered, Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin look on in terror as Captain Ginyu takes the seven Dragon Balls and flies off to report to Frieza, leaving the four remaining members of the Ginyu Force to deal with Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin.

Vegeta stares as Krillin and Gohan compile energy and launch ki blasts at Guldo, who freezes time and runs in another direction to flee the oncoming blasts. After Guldo runs to another location away from the blasts, it's revealed that he has to hold his breath in order to continue freezing time. Guldo runs out of breath, releasing his opponents from their time frozen imprisonment.

Gohan and Krillin notice that Guldo has moved from his previous spot as their blasts collide with the ground. As Gohan and Krillin proceed to attack Guldo again, he becomes frustrated as he watches them phase away in the sky at blazing speed. Guldo freezes time in the hopes of attacking them, but notices that they were right in front of him when he managed to freeze time.

Guldo runs back but turns and faces them, concluding that he shouldn't be the one running away. His opponents are supposed to be the ones scared of him. As Guldo tries to charge an attack, the ground below him cracks, and he topples from struggling, forcing him to halt his time freeze. Gohan and Krillin are once again left in awe as they look for their opponent. Guldo raises his head to become surprised as Gohan and Krillin try to attack him once again. Guldo rolls on the ground as he dodges a few blasts thrown his way from Gohan and Krillin.

Guldo decides to pull off his deadliest maneuver. He tightens his hands into a gripping position as he secures his attack. Krillin and Gohan are frozen in midair, their bodies barricaded in the sky, although time is not frozen. Guldo has frozen their bodies, concentrating his aura on them distinctly while he can freely move around. Krillin and Gohan struggle to free themselves from the deadly force that entangles their aura, but to no avail. Even Vegeta becomes surprised of Guldo's technique. Guldo laughs, declaring his attack a mind bind. Krillin and Gohan don't share his enthusiasm as they continue to struggle. Guldo says he's going to finish them off nice and slow as he creates a hailstorm of debris compiled directly from the ground... and hurls it directly into Gohan and Krillin in order to hurt them. Recoome yells at Guldo, telling him to kill them. Jeice hurries him as well and Burter says they don't have all day. Guldo is too busy enjoying himself as he continues to brutalize Gohan and Krillin with rocks. Guldo then flies into the air and pinches and pulls on his victim's cheeks before pounding their faces and jamming his knee into them.

Guldo spots a tree on the ground and flies toward it. He declares that it will do the trick. Guldo uses his telepathic skill to pop off the tree's leaves and leave a sharp stump. As Guldo prepares to hurl the stump at Gohan and Krillin, he asks if anyone would be interested in having some shish kebab... noting that he'd prefer his well-done. Krillin and Gohan continue to struggle although it seems hopeless. Guldo declares that it's the last chance for them to save themselves before he "sticks it to them." Guldo contemplates which of his victims should die first. He decides to impale Krillin first, saying his big shiny head is an easy target. Gohan says it's no use because he still can't move a muscle. As Guldo hurls the large and sharp stump in order to impale them, he begins to laugh out loud.

A blazing blue light rips clean through Guldo's neck, suddenly surprising him. This shatters his paralyzing hold on Krillin and Gohan, who manage to dodge the oncoming stump in the nick of time. Vegeta was responsible for the blast that shredded Guldo's neck. He lands behind Guldo as the Ginyu member's head falls off his shoulders and rolls on the ground. Guldo's decapitated head has a surprised reaction as his fellow Ginyu members become surprised at what has happened. Guldo's body now topples on the ground. The ruthless Vegeta walks toward Guldo's head. Guldo is suffering as he tells Vegeta that it isn't fair and that he cheated. Guldo says that this fight was supposed to be between himself and the two brats. Vegeta brushes off Guldo's comment, telling him that there's no such thing as fair or unfair in battle. He declares that there is only victory or in Guldo's case, defeat. Guldo is angered by Vegeta and calls him a dirty Saiyan. He says that Vegeta won't get away with it and that he's nothing, just a stupid monkey. Vegeta raises his hand, which prompts Guldo to scream as Vegeta blasts what remains of his decapitated head to smithereens.

With Guldo gone, Recoome steps up to challenge Vegeta. With his newfound power after recovering from his battle on Earth and his battle with Zarbon, Vegeta is ready to face Recoome. Recoome begins to laugh as he steps forward. Vegeta is frustrated and begins to channel his energy, while maintaining an angered face. Recoome declares that this fight is between himself and Vegeta, but Krillin and Gohan should feel free to jump in and help their ally anytime they want. Recoome concludes that he can take them all on at once. Jeice intervenes and warns Recoome that he and Burter won't just stand there and let him have all the fun. Burter tells Recoome to save the two little ones for them, like they had agreed prior. Recoome agrees.

Krillin and Gohan are showing their panic as Recoome begins pulling off some goofy poses, and declares that they should feel the power of the Ginyu Force before screaming out his name in grand fashion. Vegeta begins powering up with intense fury. His power surges through him as his aura sparks around him. Recoome's scouter begins going haywire as Vegeta unleashes his rage. Jeice and Burter are also shocked at the amount of power Vegeta is emitting. Jeice complains that Vegeta has been hiding his power level. Vegeta furiously and rapidly dashes at Recoome's face, punching him extremely hard, shattering his scouter, and sending him sprawling into the sky. He then bashes Recoome down, raises himself into the sky, and fiercely nails Recoome into the ground, cracking his armor.

Vegeta grabs the fallen Recoome by his leg, spins him around in the sky at rapid speed, and tosses him aside like a rag doll, sending him colliding into the mountains. Vegeta's ruthless attack isn't finished. He charges a double blast, combines his arms in perfect unison, and fires a gigantic amount of energy at the mountains... seemingly obliterating everything in the blast's path. Krillin and Gohan duck down to avoid the enormous blast's effects. Vegeta declares that he'd see Recoome in hell as he unleashes the blast nonstop, the ray burning through the path. Humongous explosions are left everywhere. Jeice and Burter avoid the dust and debris. Vegeta is seen breathing hard and is still furious.

However, Recoome is nearly unscathed. They all witness the dust clear as Recoome can be seen with all his armor burnt off, and his clothing incinerated, standing in a cloud of dust striking an effeminate pose. Recoome says hi as he maintains his pose as if nothing has happened. Vegeta is seen completely annoyed and his reaction is filled with complete fury. Krillin and Gohan's confidence is completely shattered. Recoome tells Vegeta it was a nice try but now it's his turn.

Recoome is prepared to unleash his own onslaught as he stands confident. He declares that he is about to pull off one of his favorite little moves. Recoome poses directly before calling out his "Recoome kick" and nailing Vegeta right in the chin with his knee. This sends flailing a very long distance. Gohan and Krillin become surprised as they stare at the impending disaster. Vegeta bounces himself back and almost immediately dashes right back at the relentless Recoome. As he collides with Recoome, they trade blows at rapid succession.

Vegeta's punches are extremely swift, but Recoome still manages to block every one of his speedy maneuvers. Recoome blocks the heavy impacts, telling Vegeta he's impressed but declares that he'd like to see Vegeta bounce back from his next maneuver. Recoome raises his arm and yells out "Recoome boom" before nailing Vegeta right in the head, pummeling him to the ground. Recoome follows this attack with a powerful combo, bashing his fist into the ground as Vegeta barely dodges his impact. Recoome relentlessly hounds Vegeta in midair, madly trailing him as both their auras are fired up intensely. Vegeta manages to skyrocket a bit farther and turns around in order to charge a blast.

Vegeta launches a blast at Recoome, who proceeds to dodge the blast and appears behind Vegeta, nailing him down with a powerful strike... and sending him into the water below. Recoome declares that Vegeta's all washed up. Krillin and Gohan begin to panic as they admit Vegeta may not bounce back. Burter and Jeice cheer for their comrade. Recoome waves at them, saying it was no sweat. Krillin says he doesn't think Vegeta's coming up. Recoome is still smiling and is proud of his successful attack. The water below is silent as puddles are left from the impact of Vegeta's body. Recoome declares that he didn't even get to perform all his best moves so Vegeta can't be out for the count just yet.

Vegeta furiously zooms out of the water, impaling Recoome in the stomach, raising him into the sky and continuously bashing him nonstop. Recoome's eyes temporarily go blank and his jaw drops because of Vegeta's instant hit. However, after Vegeta keeps hitting him, he comes back to his senses, and sports a wicked smile. Jeice and Burter can be seen smiling to themselves in the distance. Recoome grabs Vegeta once more and says he is glad that he is back. He then proceeds to dive-bomb Vegeta directly into the ground below. Vegeta is implanted into the ground, face first. Recoome grabs Vegeta's limb body by his leg and yanks him out. He compares Vegeta to a vegetable ready to be picked. As Recoome continues to laugh and taunt the battered Vegeta, he is surprised by a sneak attack from Vegeta... a blast directly in his face. This knocks Recoome down again. However, Vegeta can barely stand up and topples to the ground, completely beaten.

Vegeta struggles to get up as Gohan and Krillin watch. Vegeta's face is completely bloodied. Recoome proceeds to jump right up with quick formation and style. He maintains his posture although his hair is now burnt and much of his clothing has been torn to shreds. However, he's just as enthusiastic as ever. Recoome tells Vegeta that his sneaky move was low, even for a Saiyan. He tells Vegeta that he's ruthless and it's no wonder he was always one of Freeza's favorites. Recoome says it's almost too bad he had to go and be a traitor and betray all his comrades.

Vegeta is seen thinking to himself. He damns the fact that he knew it would be difficult to win this battle right from the start. Vegeta admits that his attacks have done nothing to phase the deadly Recoome. Vegeta then admits that he doesn't know how much longer he can last if this keeps up. Krillin tells Gohan that it does not matter anymore since whatever they do, they're still going to die. He admits that they can't beat these guys... calculating that even Goku may not be able to beat them. Krillin concludes that he's going in since there's nothing left to lose. Gohan reassures him that he's with him. Recoome begins to pull off another pose as Vegeta becomes agitated while bleeding profusely. Krillin tells Gohan to be prepared and as soon as Recoome unleashes his attack... Gohan should try to yank Vegeta out from the chaos. Krillin tells Gohan that he will try to attack Recoome when he least expect it. Recoome yells out his maneuver as the Recoome Eraser Gun... holding out his arms upward and proceeding to extend his jaw, launching a massive mouth blast.

Gohan barely manages to grab Vegeta and pull him out of the blast's path, while Krillin nails Recoome in the back of the neck. A fragment of Recoome's blast is seen exploding out from his nose as the rest of the blast briefly misses the evading Gohan and Vegeta. The blast collides with a mountain, completely obliterating it. Gohan lays on top of Vegeta as they avoid the debris and chaos. As Krillin backs off, Recoome's body topples to the ground, completely full of blazing shocks. Jeice and Burter stare as the debris flies around them. Since Vegeta is greatly full of his own pride, he yells at Gohan for saving him, stating that he should have taken the opportunity to attack Recoome alongside Krillin instead. Vegeta states that Recoome will not let his guard down like that again.

Krillin stares at the massive crater that was created from Recoome's enormous blast. He admits that Recoome was not kidding when he called it his Eraser Gun as the blast completely wiped out everything in its path, making a dent on the planet itself. Recoome begins to get back up. This makes Krillin go into a complete panic. Recoome admits that it was pretty crafty of Krillin to attack him like that, since it made his mouth slam shut on his blast. Recoome is now missing some teeth. Recoome says he would be pissed, but lucky for him... he knows a good dentist. Recoome pulls off a few more poses right before nailing Krillin in the head with an extremely powerful bone-cracking kick. This sends Krillin sprawling and he bounces on the ground, completely helpless and very much bruised. Krillin can barely move now and Gohan dashes at him. He begs Krillin to speak to him.

Krillin tells Gohan that he's sorry, but every bone in his body may be broken. Krillin says they never even had a chance, but at least he got in one good shot. Gohan begs for Krillin to hang on. Krillin says that it's time to face the facts. The Dragon Balls are gone. He tells Gohan to save himself while he can. Gohan turns his attention to Recoome, with an angry face. Recoome is annoyed because he admits that his kick should have sent Krillin's bald head skidding at least twice as far! Recoome says he will just have to try again. Gohan warns Recoome to stay away and that he's not going to let Recoome hurt his friend anymore. Recoome dismisses Gohan's remark and laughs out loud. Burter and Jeice are seen smiling to themselves as Gohan approaches the barbaric Recoome all alone.

Gohan then goes in to help Krillin, and despite the young warrior's newly unlocked hidden powers (courtesy of Guru), Recoome manages to easily fend him off. Just when all hope seems lost, Goku lands on Planet Namek. After a quick scan of the power levels on the planet, Goku concludes that the strongest power level is Frieza's, the second strongest is Captain Ginyu's, and his friends' power levels are quickly fading. Goku quickly rushes onto the scene where the three remaining members of the Ginyu Force (excluding Captain Ginyu) and his friends are. Goku heals his friends and Vegeta with Senzu Beans that he brought from Earth.

Goku soundly defeats Recoome with a single hit. The remaining members of the Ginyu Force, agitated by the interruption of Goku's arrival, proceed to engage him in battle, but they prove to be no match for Goku. Burter and Jeice continue their losing battle against Goku. After dodging all their attacks with little to no effort, he's able to sneak up behind Burter, who prides himself to be the fastest being in the universe. Outraged, Burter charges at Goku with an all-out offensive, with Jeice soon joining in. Goku easily dodges their attacks, and with little effort, knocks Burter out, leaving Jeice the only member left standing. A merciful Goku tells Jeice that he should leave the planet. Jeice flees and leaves his damaged comrades behind. Angered that Goku refuses to finish off Recoome and Burter, he kills them himself by cracking the unconscious Burter's neck and blowing up the fallen Recoome from behind. Goku becomes upset that Vegeta would do such a thing and Vegeta explains that by letting them live, their lives would be at risk. Vegeta dismisses Goku as being too soft and explains that sentiment is foolish.

After the fighting is over, the others state that all hope is lost as Ginyu has probably already brought Freeza the Dragon Balls and Frieza may already be immortal. Freeza has not made his wish because he needs the password. He scours the Namekian skies in order to acquire the password from the last remaining Namekians, who happen to be Guru, Dende, and Nail. Meanwhile, Jeice arrives at Frieza's ship after his escape and requests Ginyu's help to deal with Goku. After Jeice explains that their allies were executed, Ginyu becomes enraged. The loss of his fallen comrades propels him to a great deal of frustration. Annoyed at having to get his hands dirty, Ginyu agrees and flies off with Jeice to fight Goku.

Ginyu's attack

Ginyu performing the Body Change technique.
Vegeta mercilessly executing Jheese.
Vegeta relentlessly pummeling Ginyu.
Vegeta continuing to unleash a nonstop beat-down on Ginyu.

Goku tells Gohan and Krillin to fetch the Dragon Radar and locate the Dragon Balls. Ginyu and Jeice arrive on the scene just as Gohan and Krillin leave. Goku asks for Vegeta's help in fighting the remaining Ginyu Force members and Vegeta agrees, but quickly flies off laughing, leaving Goku to deal with Jeice and Ginyu himself. Ginyu attacks an unguarded Goku, and elbows him directly in the face. The fight then commences, with both equally matched. They're also hiding the bulk of their power.

Vegeta flies over to Freeza's Spaceship first and kills all of Freeza's men that were guarding the ship. It turns out he plans to wait for Gohan and Krillin to find the Dragon Balls for him, and then he'll sneak up on them, kill them, and make his wish. Back at the battlefield, Ginyu and Goku still seem evenly matched. This is until Jeice fires an attack at Goku. Goku easily dodges, but lefts himself open to be caught by Ginyu in a half-nelson. Jeice urges Ginyu to break his back, but Ginyu lets Goku go. Ginyu then threatens Jeice that if he interferes with his fight, he'll execute him. After some short fighting, Ginyu realizes that Goku is holding back, and asks that he reveal his full power. Using his scouter, Ginyu is shocked to find Goku reaching a power level of 180,000 with just the normal Kaio-ken! Coming to the conclusion that he can't hope to defeat Goku, he instead decides to use his special ability to swap bodies with Goku, but not before fatally injuring his own body (causing Goku to suffer from pain when he enters Ginyu's body). Unaware of what's about to happen, Goku is caught in a strange beam of light. Ginyu has used his "metamorphosis" attack and switched bodies with Goku. Satisfied with his cunning trick, Captain Ginyu flies off in Goku's body with Jeice trailing.

Meanwhile, Freeza finally arrives to Guru's place, with Nail waiting for him. Nail refuses to talk about the password. All of a sudden, three Namekian Warriors arrive to fight Freeza. Nail tells them to leave, but they refuse. Freeza then kills all three of them with ease. Nail then fights Freeza in a remote location. It's obvious Nail has no chance against Frieza, but must stall time for Dende to deliver the password to the other Z Warriors.

Krillin and Gohan arrive at Freeza's Spaceship to locate the Dragon Balls and summon Shen Long. Nothing happens when they try to summon the dragon. Gohan and Krillin sense someone coming and hide. Jeice and Ginyu (in Goku's body) arrive at Frieza's ship and wonder who dug up the Dragon Balls. Krillin mistakenly goes off to greet Goku, and he soon realizes this is not the Goku he knows. The new Ginyu in Goku's body now wields his opponent's immense power. He starts to fool Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan. Vegeta, however, realized that Goku was not himself. Krillin and Gohan were easily fooled, but immediately came to their senses that Goku isn't himself when they saw Goku wearing a scouter, and hanging around Jeice. Krillin and Gohan then joined forces to stop Ginyu in Goku's body, while Vegeta witnesses the battle. After a brief scuffle, Ginyu states that his fighting power should be around 180,000, which stuns Krillin and Gohan as he begins powering up.

After reaching full power, Ginyu asks Jeice what his exact power level is, to which Jeice responds is 23,000. This completely surprises Ginyu (as he thought it would be around 180,000). Goku (in Ginyu's Body) then states that Ginyu does not know how to utilize the power in his body and that he can't focus his mind. After seeing their opportunity, Gohan and Krillin are able to lay several effective blows against Captain Ginyu, which causes Ginyu to call in his backup, Jeice. As Jeice prepares to enter the battle, he is confronted by Vegeta, who then challenges him.

Meanwhile, Nail is having difficulties of his own as he challenges Frieza, who leaves him on the brink of death by severing Nail's arm after Nail's failed attempt to attack Freeza.

Goku, Krillin and Gohan then challenge Ginyu as a team, who manage to outclass him by a large margin. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Jeice are battling it out in Freeza's Spaceship, until Jeice's anger gets the best of him and he bursts out of Freeza's Spaceship. Vegeta handles Jeice on his own. He swiftly and ruthlessly eliminates Jeice by slamming him into the sky, cracking his ribs, and blasting him directly in the face, obliterating him in midair.

Vegeta then states that he is the legendary Super Saiyan, which Captain Ginyu refuses to believe. Vegeta, angry at this comment, then attacks Ginyu in an all-out assault, and with a series of powerful blows, is able to bring the captain down with his Saiyan strength.

As Vegeta prepares to destroy Ginyu, Ginyu then plays his trump card as he prepares to switch bodies with Vegeta. After realizing what Ginyu is planning, Goku sees his opportunity and is able, in the nick of time, to finally get back to his own body. Ginyu fires another change beam, which is intercepted by Goku, and both return to their original bodies. Ginyu, now in his injured original body, is no match for Goku or Vegeta, and soon finds himself being pummeled by a relentless Vegeta, who grabs him by his horns and tosses him into the sky after a combination of bone-cracking strikes. Ginyu plans another body switch using his change beam against Vegeta. The beam was about to connect with Vegeta, but Goku threw a Namekian Frog in between them. The body switch was now with a Frog as Ginyu's plan backfired. Ginyu was now a Frog... and the Frog was Ginyu. Vegeta merely scoffs at the powerlessness of the once-proud Ginyu, and decides not to kill him. He also decides to spare Goku and help heal him because he needs his aid in order to halt Frieza. Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan take Goku into a recovery chamber, where he is placed in a rejuvenation tank for healing.

Frieza's Onslaught

Dende summoning Polunga.
Freeza preparing to transform.
Piccolo taking on Freeza in his second form.
Freeza firing an array of blasts.
Gohan unleashing a relentless attack against Freeza.
Vegeta meeting his end at the hands of Freeza.

With the fate of Planet Namek at stake, Guru sends the young Namek Dende to give the important password to Krillin and Gohan that will summon Porunga, the Namekian Dragon.

Meanwhile, Freeza arrives at Guru's where he is met by some Namekian warriors, all of whom he kills except Nail, and fails at getting Guru to tell him the password. Just as Freeza is about to kill him as well, Nail warns Freeza that if Guru dies, the Dragon Balls will become useless. As a distraction to buy Dende more time, Nail takes Freeza to a field to do battle. Freeza is impressed that Nail's maximum battle power is 42,000, but he surprises Nail by claiming that his battle power is 530,000, but he tells him he doesn't plan to use his full power against him. He then easily overtakes and brutally injures Nail with no problem but rushes off to his ship when he realizes that the fight is a ruse to stall him so he won't summon the Dragon Balls before Gohan and Krillin, leaving Nail for dead.

As Dende finally reaches Krillin with the important message, they take the Dragon Balls from a sleeping Vegeta and head off to Frieza's ship. Dende uses the password to summon the Dragon, Porunga. Meanwhile, back on Freeza's Spaceship, Vegeta awakens, suddenly sensing Freeza's approaching power level and to see that the Dragon has already been summoned.

Gohan, Krillin, and Dende set out to make their wish, which is to revive Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. The Dragon informs them that he can only wish back one person at a time. Piccolo, with King Kai's help, communicates telepathically to Gohan and asks him to restore his life. His reasoning is that if he is resurrected, Kami will return to Earth and that will also bring back the Earth Dragon Balls, in effect allowing for the others to also be revived with a wish. Piccolo asks for the second wish to teleport him to Namek, wanting to exact revenge on FriFreezaza for killing his people. Gohan, Krillin, and Dende agree to this, and make the wishes.

Vegeta arrives at the scene after the second wish is made. Since the first two wishes had already been used to bring Piccolo back to life and then to Namek, Vegeta wants to save the last wish for eternal life for himself. Just as Dende asks the Dragon, Guru dies and the Dragon Balls turn to stone. Vegeta's wish is not granted, but worse yet, Freeza has arrived and is extremely angry that the Dragon Balls have already been used. Vegeta fights his former boss, gloating that he has become a Super Saiyan, but as Freeza shockingly realizes they are somewhat evenly matched, Vegeta abruptly tells him to transform and reveal his true strength. Frieza amusingly wonders how Vegeta knows this, and Vegeta tells him Zarbon spilled it out before. Frieza transforms into his second form, one that is even stronger than before, claiming that his power level has risen over a million. Frieza tells them that while most transform to increase their battle power, he does it to decrease his power because it is so enormous it's hard to control himself. Vegeta, realizing that he underestimated Freeza's strength, is shocked.

Meanwhile Piccolo, who was just teleported to Planet Namek by a wish, senses the fighting and heads to the battlefield. Along the way he sees the dying Nail, who informs him on what has been happening. He also requests that Piccolo fuse with him to be more of a challenge to Frieza. At first, Piccolo is reluctant, but after Nail assures him that his personality won't change by fusing, Piccolo decides to accept, increasing his strength and speed tremendously. Back on the battlefield Frieza's new power level is said by him to be over one million. He also tells Vegeta about the destruction of the planet Vegeta and his father. Vegeta simply scoffs at this, saying that he surpassed his father when he was a child. After fully transforming he impales Krillin with his horns, who was trying to protect Dende, and tosses him to the sea. Gohan tries to save him but when Frieza stops him, an incredibly angry Gohan easily beats down Frieza and pummels him with many chi blasts. Despite Vegeta's shocked reaction, the attack isn't enough and Frieza recovers with little damage done. Luckily, Dende rescued Krillin out of the sea, telling Gohan that he is still alive. Angry that he was actually was hurt by the attack, Frieza then easily pounds Gohan, hurting him severely. Vegeta tries to attack when Frieza's back is turned, but it is completely ineffective and Gohan is left almost dead. Gohan is saved when Krillin launches a Destructo Disk at Frieza and cuts off his tail. Dende then uses this time to heal Gohan as Vegeta watches. It was revealed that Dende was the one who plucked Krillin out of the sea and healed him. Krillin continues to distract Frieza using many evasive maneuvers, such as Solar Flare. Soon Gohan is healed and now stronger than ever due to his Saiyan genes.

Just then Piccolo arrives, claiming that he can beat Frieza. Vegeta scoffs at Piccolo, claiming that reviving him was a waste of a wish. However this turns to shock for Vegeta that the Namekian who was easily killed by Nappa had now become powerful enough to challenge Freeza. The fight begins as Piccolo remains confident that he can take Frieza down. Thanks to his fusion with Nail his power is slightly higher than that of Freeza's. Through much of the battle Piccolo has the upper hand, but Frieza transforms again into his third stage, earning yet another power increase. Piccolo, still confident that his speed is greater than Freeza's, is proved wrong when Freeza grossly outstrips him in both power and speed, and subsequently launches finger blasts at him that are too fast for him to dodge at all. Soon, Piccolo is severely wounded. Gohan is furious at Piccolo's defeat and explodes in a bout of rage, revealing his hidden powers as he once again takes on Freeza. Gohan then launches a giant ki wave that proves to be challenging for Freeza, until he deflects it back. Luckily Piccolo saves Gohan in the nick of time with a blast. Freeza realizes that Gohan is a Saiyan and that he and Vegeta are constantly getting stronger. He then decides to transform into his final and strongest form, his original being. Vegeta comes up with the idea for Krillin to blast him to near death and for Dende to heal him afterwards, increasing his power enough to become a Super Saiyan. Although Krillin is highly reluctant at first, he blasts Vegeta in the stomach, piercing him through. Because of Saiyan heritage, recovery from a near-death experience causes Vegeta to increase in strength significantly. While Frieza transforms, Dende heals Piccolo and reluctantly heals Vegeta. Vegeta becomes confident that he has become a Super Saiyan.

Frieza sees how everyone was defying death using Dende's healing, so he takes to the root of the problem. After transforming, he quickly kills Dende with a Death Beam, meaning the fighters will have no more chances to be healed. He tries to blast Gohan as well but Vegeta quickly saves him. A confident Vegeta decides to commence battle with Freeza and his newfound power. To his horror, no matter what Vegeta does he is no match and Freeza still has the upper hand throughout the whole battle. Vegeta actually sheds a tear in frustration when he realizes that the situation is hopeless. Because he drops all his defenses in desperation, Frieza batters him mercilessly to the brink of death. Goku, still in the rejuvenation tank, awakens and realizes what is taking place and quickly rushes off to save his fellow comrades. As Goku arrives, Vegeta swallows his pride and tells Frieza that Goku is the legendary Super Saiyan that will kill him. Freeza gets angry and blasts a hole through Vegeta's heart. Before his death, with tears in his eyes, he tells Goku the truth of Planet Vegeta's destruction, how every Saiyan was forced to serve Frieza before most of them were killed, and Goku's history as a Saiyan, and he asks Goku to take vengeance for all Saiyans. Goku buries Vegeta and, fueled with rage at Vegeta's death, begins to fight Frieza.

Goku battles Freeza

Goku endures Freeza's wrath.
Ginyu and Bulma sharing a moment on Planet Namek after Ginyu accidentally exchanges bodies with a Frog.

The battle between Freeza and Goku begins. They seem perfectly equivalent for some time in terms of strength and speed. During the match, Goku seems to have more clever ideas on how to fight and tricks Frieza several times. Goku used to his advantage the fact that Frieza needs to see his opponent and is unable to feel their energy. While Goku was under water during one attack, he used the Kamehameha wave as torpedoes to trick Frieza. Frieza then revealed that he was only using about a fraction of his power, and that he'll power up to 50%, which turns the tables in Frieza's favor. At Kaio-ken x10 Goku was being brutally beaten. Freeza claimed he allowed Goku to think he had a chance, and even offered for Goku to replace Ginyu as his bodyguard. Goku refused, but after one rigorous attack after another, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, and even King Kai began to see the situation as hopeless.

Goku tries to raise his power using the Kaio-ken x20 and shoot a Kamehameha wave at Frieza, but it only leaves Frieza's hands burnt, while the attack left Goku completely drained. Having no choice, Goku prepares the Spirit Bomb in desperation. Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin step in to try and hold off Frieza while Goku gathers energy for the attack. Once the Spirit Bomb is finally finished and unleashed upon Frieza, it does significant damage to him, causing the Z Warriors to believe Frieza was finished off. Krillin and Gohan take Goku and Piccolo away from the damage. A few minutes of celebration was soon turned into a horrid sight once Krillin saw Frieza furiously standing on the top of a rock.

Enraged and surprised that Goku had such ability for a Saiyan, Freeza lashes out against the other warriors. He first decides to kill Goku. As he fires a Death Beam at the exhausted Saiyan, Piccolo jumps in the way of the blast and saves his life (however, in the manga, Frieza simply blasts at Piccolo with a Death Beam). Though it doesn't kill him, Piccolo is hurt very badly and falls to the ground unconscious, enraging Goku. Next, Freeza kills Krillin by making his whole body explode in the air. Seeing his best friend murdered before his eyes causes Goku to erupt with even more rage. In a display of gathering energy, the angry Goku pulls out his strongest emotions ever before reached. His hair turns golden and his eyes turn green. He is now a Super Saiyan, with his power tremendously increased. He yells at Gohan to take Piccolo and retrieve Bulma and take them to the ship that he traveled in and use it to head back to Earth.

Planet Namek's destruction

Goku transforming into a Super Saiyan after witnessing Kuririn's death.
Goku battling Freeza.
Freeza being sliced by his own attack.
Goku firing a final attack to defeat Freeza.

Super Saiyan Goku and Freeza begin to fight, and Goku toys with him and starts treating him as if he was a rag doll. With no other options, Frieza decides that if he can't beat Goku, then he'll blow up Namek instead. He throws a ball of energy towards the planet's core, hoping to destroy the planet. However, Frieza realizes he held back too much power, and the planet only begins to crumble. Frieza then claims it will explode in five minutes and reveals that he can breathe in space. As the battle rages on, Frieza decides to use 100% of his full power. Though this significantly increases his power level and allows Frieza to gain the upper hand on Goku for a time, the damage incurred in his previous levels causes him to lose his energy radically after a short bout. Goku realizes this, and uses it to his advantage to take down the mighty tyrant.

Back on Earth, Kami and Mr. Popo have gathered all of the Dragon Balls and with King Kai's help they devise a plan to bring back all who were killed by Frieza. Since the wish brings back Guru, who was killed by the grief of Frieza's killings, King Kai telepathically asks him to wish all of those on Namek, except for Frieza, back to Earth with the Namek Dragon, which still has one wish remaining. However, Goku intercepts their telepathic communication and requests that he be left behind on Namek as well and King Kai reluctantly gives in. King Kai notices that Super Saiyan Goku is no longer the Goku they used to know, he is now only acting on blind Saiyan instincts. Vegeta, who was also resurrected as well by the wish, is surprised to see that Goku had become a Super Saiyan just before he is teleported off of Namek.

With the entire planet empty except Goku and Frieza, they take the battle around the crumbling planet. Soon, Goku notices that Frieza is losing stamina too much to be a match for him. He then stops that fight and begins to leave, telling Frieza to train and come back for a rematch. Enraged, Frieza decides to release a Death Saucer that he can direct to attack Goku with. Goku easily outmaneuvers this attack. Frieza realizes that one is not enough and releases another Death Disc, attempting to outsmart Goku. Goku maneuvers at the last minute, blasting into the ground creating a blinding blanket of dust. Frieza is unable to detect energy without physically seeing it, so one makes its way to cut Frieza in half.

Goku tries to warn him, but he is chopped into four pieces by the disc. As he is dying, Frieza begs Goku not to leave him like this. Goku can't stand seeing a life, even one as evil as Frieza's, suffer in such a painful and humiliating manner. Eventually Goku takes pity on the pathetic tyrant, and gave him some of his energy. Frieza then explains that there is no way Goku is going to live, as the planet is about to explode and his ship is in no working condition. As Goku leaves, Frieza makes one final attempt to kill him, using the energy given to him to throw a wave of energy at him. Goku pushes the blast back at Frieza with his own energy blast and flies away.

Knowing he will not reach his own ship in time, Goku searches for Frieza's and finds it in a crater. Goku, frustrated and desperate, realizes that he will not make it off of Namek as he watches its wreckage plummet into a lava filled chasm. Seconds later, Planet Namek disappears from the universe in a colossal, blinding explosion.


On Earth, Dende heals Piccolo and realizes that he has merged with Nail. The Namek Dragon Balls follows Guru to Earth, evading the explosion. As Guru is dying once more, he transfers his role as Senior Elder to Moori, a trusted Namekian village leader, so that the Dragon Balls will not die with him. Dende also informs Gohan that the Namek Dragon Balls can also resurrect a deceased person more than once. This is good news since it would mean that they could resurrect Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Goku, who had been killed before. Everyone is thrilled until King Kai reminds them that Krillin and Goku can't be resurrected because Namek was destroyed, and they would only appear in empty space and immediately die again. However, Vegeta suggests that they use a wish to transport their remains to Earth first.

Transferred to a new caretaker, the Namek Dragon Balls are re-energized early. They are first used to transport Goku and Krillin's remains to Earth. However, Porunga reveals that he is unable to transport Goku's remains because he isn't actually dead. After the second wish is used to bring back Krillin, the final wish is made to bring Goku to Earth, Porunga then informs them that Goku refuses to come back. This leaves our heroes greatly perplexed, but arrive at the conclusion that Goku is coming home either way, and they accept his absence. All, that is, except Vegeta, who leaves in a space ship to search the universe for Goku and the key to becoming a Super Saiyan. With one wish remaining, it is used to resurrect Yamcha.

Four months (one Namek year) later, the Namek Dragon Balls are ready again. The first two wishes are to resurrect Tien and Chiaotzu, and the final wish is to transport the Namekians to New Planet Namek that would have similar living conditions to their old planet. Gohan and Dende share a tearful goodbye as the Nameks disappear to their new home, and life on Earth returns to normal... for now.


  • Ginyu is the only antagonistic combatant to survive the Battle on Planet Namek. All of Freeza's highest ranking commanders are executed. Freeza is eventually killed himself by Trunks, resulting in Ginyu being the only survivor of the entire ordeal, although he is trapped inside the body of a Frog.