S.S. Deadly Bomber

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The S.S. Deadly Bomber (エス エス デッドリィ ボンバー, Esu Esu Deddoryi Bonbā) is an energy sphere attack used by Artificial Human No. 13


No. 13 spreads his arms out and generates a giant spiraling, crimson-pink sphere of energy with another sphere in the middle. He then fires the sphere of energy and it pursues his opponent until it hits. No. 13 claims that this attack is able to reduce half of Planet Earth into fine dust.



No. 13 used this attack in his battle against Son Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!. Goku was soon saved by the timely arrival of Vegeta, however, who blasted the S.S. Deadly Bomber away with an energy sphere of his own.

Video games[edit]

S.S. Deadly Bomber appeared in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and is No. 13's Ultimate Blast in his base form and one of his Blast 2 attacks in his Super form.

It later appeared in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2.

It is named S.S. Deddoryi Bonbā (S.S. デッドリィ ボンバー, S.S. Deddoryi Bonbā) in Dragon Ball Heroes.



  • The explanation about the S.S. Deadly Bomber is cut in the English dub. Instead, No. 13 simply mentions that Goku is crazy if he thinks he can even deflect the attack with his bare hands. He also mentions that he has "...been out in the sun without his hat on for way too long".