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Dragon Ball Heroes (ドラゴン ボール ヒーローズ, Doragon Bōru Hiirōzu) is a fighting game for the arcade. It was released only in Japan on November 11, 2010.


The game lacks a true story, but there are general themes for each set of cards released. Typically, each set – except the first of course – introduces a new main villain. It also includes cards of the main villain from the previous set. For example, the second set of cards featured Cell and Bojack and the third set featured Bojack and Fat Boo. The game offers you missions to complete using these themes from each set, but does not have an actual plot. A series of short trailers featuring new animation have been released to promote the game and each one offers a very short, standalone plot.

The first trailer shows a boy (the main promotional character featured as a protagonist in these commercials) running to the nearest arcade game and inserting a Capsule Corporation card into it, soon getting sucked into the game. Upon arriving, to the protagonist's surprise, he has become a Dragon Ball character, having grown a Saiyan tail. Here, he meets Future Trunks Brief, Son Goku, and two other mysterious characters (also with Saiyan tails). The protagonists are busy fighting Cell, in his Perfect form, and his Cell Juniors. Super Saiyan Goku does battle against Perfect Cell Cell, but gets blasted away. The boy then cautiously attacks Perfect Cell Cell, but is thrown aside as well. Goku and the boy then join forces and launch a Kamehameha at the over-confident Perfect Cell Cell and the footage fades to the logo.

In the second trailer, the same boy and Future Trunks attempt to do battle against Fat Boo, who is in possession of a Dragon Ball and turning a city's population into candy. Before the fight can really begin, a part of Fat Boo comes to life on its own and forms the Majin Hero. Future Trunks attacks the Majin only to get knocked back and have the creature land on his companions from the sky. Fat Boo then begins to eat the candy from earlier, which anger Future Trunks. The Saiyan powers up to a new level and transforms into a Super Saiyan 3. Ready to end the battle, Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks step between the Majin Hero and Fat Boo and uses his sword to send the Majin skyward. Up above, the boy powers up an attack in one hand while holding the Four-Star Ball in the other. Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks powers up his own attack from below and the two launch them at Fat Boo, leaving the animation to fade to the logo again.

The third animated trailer has Super Saiyan Goku fighting against Freeza in his Final Form on Planet Namek. The two titans fight as Freeza's Spaceship hovers in the sky behind then, only to have the boy and a similar looking Saiyan Heroine appear using two Time Machines like the one used by Future Trunks. The kids ignore the battle and infiltrate Freeza's Spaceship to the alien's dismay. They two begin making their way through the spaceship's corridors and defeat all the henchmen they encounter. Once they arrive at the control room, they attempt to destroy it, but are interrupted by Final Form Freeza, who just smashed in the ceiling. The alien takes aim at the children, but is faced with Super Saiyan Goku once again when he steps between them. The kids get back up and take out two more henchmen before charging the angered space pirate himself along with their Super Saiyan savior.

The fourth trailer with new animation features a new, unknown planet that is presumably home to the purple, mushroom-headed aliens featured in it. One of the mushroom kids throws a rock at the Freeza Clan Hero, having confused him with the tyrant himself. The Freeza Clan Hero ignores them and continues walking as the screen changes to [[Slugg (film character)|Slugg and his henchmen. They begin to attack the planet and its people, with Slugg going as far as transforming into his Super Namekian form and trashing the city. Goku and the Saiyan boy arrive and begin to combat the threat, with Goku taking care of some of Slugg's grunts on his way to fight the giant and leaving the rest for his companion. Goku gets knocked around by Slugg, the Saiyan Hero has trouble with Medamatcha, and Dorodabo starts attacking the mushroom kid who threw the rock earlier. The tides turn though as Freeza Clan Hero steps in and dispatches Dorodabo while the boy handles Medamatcha. The two Saiyans team up with Freeza Clan Hero and bring Slugg to his knees, with the commercial fading to the logo as Goku and Freeza Clan Hero turn to face each other.

A fifth trailer, which has yet to be released in full and may contain more than described here, features the characters facing off against Majin Buu after he has absorbed Gohan. The young Saiyan Hero watches as Goku and Vegeta are forced to resort to fusing with the Potara in order to stand a chance against the pink demon. The two Saiyan warriors are forcibly drawn towards each other, and after a brief flash of light, Vegetto is born. The newly fused Saiyan immediately transforms into Super Saiyan, ready to go head to head with Buu.

The last currently available trailer, and sixth overall, features Goku facing off against the "Legendary Super Saiyan", Broly. The bulked up Saiyan manages to hold an edge over Goku, and after a few minor clashes, manages to grab his head head and slam him into the side of a building. Seeing Goku trapped, the young hero tries to attack Broly, but is swatted aside. Broly pummels Goku and manages to knock him out of his Super Saiyan transformation. As the boy attempts to return to the battle, Goku yells at him, telling him to stay back. Unable to stand watching the beating, the young hero becomes enraged on the sidelines. As his anger and sadness swell up inside him, the boy triggers the transformation for himself, becoming a Super Saiyan. The newly transformed hero charges Broly, but is unable to land an effective blow and is easily swatted aside again and then sent hurling towards the ground by a ki blast. With Broly distracted, Goku teleports to the ground below and catches the kid before the impact. Goku puts the child back down on his feet, both powering up as Super Saiyans and charging their opponent once more. The three Saiyans clash and the landscape is blown away by a huge explosions as the video fades away the to game logo.

As part of a promotional tie-in with V Jump, Chirudo, a member of the Freeza Clan, and his henchman, Toobi, were available to be fought in a special mission that mirrors the plot of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock. Bardock survives Freeza's attack on Planet Vegeta and gets thrown into the past. He arrives on Planet Plant and becomes a Super Saiyan while locked in combat against Chirudo.


Dragon Ball Heroes is an arcade game that uses a turn-based battle card system where cards featuring characters from the Dragon Ball franchise are given specific powers and abilities that allow for unique and strategic combat experiences. Depending on the conditions of the match, up to five cards can be placed on the machine's game mat and are then moved on the playing field in an attempt to gain an advantage against the opponent. Characters further back on the field receive less damage than those in the front, but they also deal less damage as well. During both the attack and defense phases of battle, timing meters will appear on the screen and force you into a mini-game to determine the amount of damage dealt. The goal of these mini-games is to press your button with precise timing and attempt to fill your meter more than your opponent in order to gain the advantage in the exchange. It has 22 sets.





  • This is the first game to feature Bido, Bujin, and Gokua.
  • This game features four new "what if" transformations: Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks, Super Saiyan Bardock, Super Saiyan 3 Gogeta, and Baby controlled Janemba.


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