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"What pitiful losers. You actually think you can destroy the Tree of Might?"
Amond in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might

Amond (アモンド, Amondo) is a member of the Crusher Tullece Corps.

Amond's Japanese name is a pun on the word Āmondo, or Almond in English.


Amond was a blood-thirsty criminal who rampaged throughout an entire galaxy. He was later arrested by the Galactic Patrol and imprisoned on Planet Nutts. Ironically, Tulles attacked Planet Nutts that same day and Amond escaped. He met Tullece and joined the Crusher Tullece Corps.[2] Amond was seemingly the second in command of the group. He had the power to spin himself in the manner of a small tornado, capable of deflecting even ki-based techniques such as Kuririn's Kienzan.


The Tree of Might

Amond appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. He was aboard Tullece's Spaceship when it arrived at Planet Earth. He used the Exploding Wave, which also caused Yamucha's air car (which was near the explosion) to spin around and blow up, to open up a deep hole in the ground in order to plant the Shinseiju. Later, Amond and the rest of the Crusher Tullece Corps appeared to fight against the Z Warriors. Amond fought against Kuririn. When Kuririn used the Kienzan against Amond, Amond spun like a tornado and fired his own disk at Kuririn's Kienzan and the two disks deflected one another. Both Kuririn and Amond dodged the attacks. After Amond beat Kuririn, he and the rest of Crusher Tullece Corps attacked Son Goku. They fought against Goku with multiple punches and kicks. Goku dodged all of their attacks and every members of Crusher Tullece Corps were killed during Goku's Kaio-ken rampage. Amond died when Goku gave him a bone-crushing knee-kick to his stomach.

Fusion Reborn

Although Amond appears on the cover of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, he is not in the film.

Video games

Amond is playable in Dragon Ball Heroes.


Amond's unnamed disk-launching technique
  • Bukujutsu
  • Exploding Wave – A powerful attack in which the user manipulates their ki to disrupt a planet's geomagnetic field. Amond uses a variation of this technique very similar to Nappa's Blazing Storm in order to plant the Shinseiju.
  • Puranetto Bomu – Amond uses the Puranetto Bomu (プラネット ボム, Puranetto Bomu) in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Unnamed disk-launching technique – Amond spins himself like a tornado and launches a razor-sharp disk of energy that can slice through nearly anything. Amond uses this technique to deflect Kuririn's Kienzan.

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