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Raisin (レズン, Rezun; FUNimation "Rasin") is a member of the Crusher Tullece Corps.

Raisin's Japanese name is a pun on the word Rēzun, or Raisin in English.


Raisin is purple-skinned, ovular-headed, plump, and rather short.


Lakasei and Raisin

Raisin, like his brother, Rakasei, was revived by Tullece from the fossils of the long extinct Beenz|Beenz people using extract from the Shinseiju. Their race was extremely intelligent and the two of them built Tullece's Spaceship and the rest of their ordnance.[2]

Raisin was purple skinned, ovular-headed, and rather short. He and Rakasei easily defeated both Chaozu and Tenshinhan, but were defeated when Son Goku went on a rampage against all of Tullece's henchmen, defeating them all at the same time.

He later appeared Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn.


Raisin firing the Continuous Energy Bullet.

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