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The Shinseiju (神精樹, Shinseiju; Literally meaning "God Essence Tree"), also known as the Tree of Death, is a tree that grows the Fruit of the Shinseiju.



The Shinseiju appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. It grew from the Seed of the Shinseiju and spawned the Fruit of the Shinseiju after enough energy and lifeforce had been absorbed through the tree's roots. Like a normal tree, it needed a suitable atmosphere to survive (such as Planet Earth or Planet Namek). As such, large amounts of energy were required to supply the fruit's growth and the tree essentially sucked the planet that the seed was planted on dry. North Kaio said that only Kami (gods and Eternal Dragon in the English dubs) were meant to eat the Fruit of the Shinseiju. Because of this, the Shinseiju was not considered to be truly evil, but simply required a massive amount of energy to grow. Few, if any, planets could sustain it without dying.

The Crusher Tullece Corps detected that Earth had not been destroyed by Goku when he was sent there as a baby and therefore to plant the Shinseiju on this vibrant world. It was later destroyed by Son Goku when he used a Genki Dama that also killed Tullece.