Fruit of the Shinseiju

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The Fruit of the Shinseiju (神精樹 の 実, Shinseiju no Mi; Literally meaning "Fruit of the God Essence Tree") grows from the Shinseiju.


The fruit has an orangish-red color and looks similar to the durian fruit.


Tullece eating a Fruit of the Shinseiju.

Fruit of the Shinseiju appeared in Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might. The fruit grew only after enough energy and life force had been absorbed through the Shinseiju's roots. Like a normal tree, it needed a suitable atmosphere to survive (such as that of Planet Earth or Planet Namek). As such, large amounts of energy were required to supply the fruits' growth and the Shinseiju essentially sucked the planet that the Seed of the Shinseiju had been planted on dry. North Kaio said that only gods were meant to eat the Fruit of the Shinseiju. Despite all of this, the Shinseiju was not truly evil. It simply required such a massive amount of energy to grow that few if any planets could sustain it without dying.

The fruit gave whomever consumed it a massive power increase. Amond mentioned that with the use of the fruit, they might even be able to defeat Freeza. Tullece ate this fruit before and during his battle against Son Goku and quickly gained a strong advantage. Goku attempted to attack Tullece with repeated Kaio-ken attacks, but even this was nowhere near enough to bring the evil Saiyan down. Goku eventually created a Genki Dama after he absorbed the energy of the Shinseiju (as the tree was essentially a living thing, energy could be gathered from it for a Genki Dama) and successfully killed Tullece and the Shinseiju along with him.

Video games

  • When playing as Tullece in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series, he will be seen holding a Fruit of the Shinseiju before a battle. He can also eat a Fruit of the Shinseiju during battles, giving him an increase in strength for a limited time or if he uses a Blast 1, Blast 2, or Ultimate Blast attack.