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"Master Bojack has no equal!"
Bido in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

Bido (ビドー, Bidō; FUNimation "Bido") is a member of the Galaxy Soldiers.

His name is derived from the Japanese word hidō, which means unjust and is often pronounced bidō when added to the end of words like gokuaku and zangyaku (the latter is similar to the name of Bido's comrade, Zangya).


Bido preparing the Underground Energy Ball.
Bido strangling Dosukoi.

Bido appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. He was the powerhouse of the crew. His appearance is similar to that of his comrades, who are all members of the same race, as he sports teal-colored skin and orange hair styled into a mohawk. He often collaborated with Bujin in battle, taking down the foes who Bujin trapped within his needles of energy.

Infiltrating a Tenkaichi Tournament funded by X.S. Cash for his son's birthday, Bojack seeks to eliminate every single fighter on Earth in order to be rid of any obstacles in the way of universal conquest. Bido is among the minions ordered to frequent the battle arenas, where he burrows underneath dunes of sand in the zone where Dosukoi is wandering. Bido spontaneously rises from beneath the sand and lifts Dosukoi by the neck, proceeding to strangle him to death in front of an unseen camera while the presiding audience watches in horror (as murder is a breach of the tournament's rules).

Laterm Yamucha and Tenshinhan arrived to assist Son Gohan's struggle against the Galaxy Soldiers, where they fought and were defeated by Bido, Bujin, and Zangya. When Gohan assumed his Super Saiyan 2 transformation, however, he made short work of both Bido and Bujin, breaking them both in half with a single punch and kick respectively, vaporizing each on impact.


Bido charging his Scatter Finger Beam.
  • Bukujutsu
  • Bureibu Gatoringu
  • Chou no Ryoku – Energy needles capable of ensnaring victims, and at the behest of their struggling, begins to drain energy from their body.
  • Finger Beam – Zangya, Bido and Bujin used this on Gohan in Bojack Unbound right before Piccolo's arrival.
  • Scatter Finger Beam – Red beams of Ki shot from Bido's 10 fingers. Bido points all ten fingers at the opponent, charges up small red energy spheres each on the tip of each finger, and fires the red beams of Ki at the opponent. Bido used this attack during the first round of his battle with Zangya and Bujin against Gohan.
  • Underground Energy Ball – Bido launches an energy ball that travels through the ground before exploding where the opponent is.

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A Living Dead who resembles Bido in Fusion Reborn.