Hell Fighter No. 17

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"The gates of hell has been opened, and I will bring forth a torrent of evil from this world."
Hell Fighter No. 17 in "17 Times 2"

Hell Fighter No. 17 (ヘル ファイター 17号, Heru Faitā Jūnana-Gō; FUNimation "Hell Fighter No. 17") is a Machine Mutant.


Dragon Ball GT

Hell Fighter No. 17 and No. 17 fusing into Super No. 17.

A joint effort between Doctor Gero and Dr. Mu, Hell Fighter No. 17 was designed to locate his Artificial Human counterpart, Artificial Human No. 17, and fuse with him to become Super No. 17. He was essentially identical to No. 17, but by this point No. 17 had acquired a brown jacket. He fought against Vegeta prior to his fusing with No. 17.

Video games

Hell Fighter No. 17 appeared in Dragon Ball Heroes.


  • Cellular complementary build similar to that of No. 17. This allows him to telepathically communicate with and override/brainwash the Artificial Human as well as fuse with him to become one super fighting machine. Theoretically, this also means that he should have the same individual powers as No. 17.
  • Flight
  • Heru Bureikā – Heru Bureikā (ヘル ブレイカー, Heru Bureikā; Literally meaning "Hell Breaker")

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